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Where do I start?

I want to make a will, where do I start?

Making a will may seem intimidating, but it's a great way to think clearly about how you would like to support your family and a charity you care about by leaving the world less lonely after you are gone.

If you've decided to include a gift in your will to Age NI – thank you so much. Your gift could be a lifeline for the thousands of older people who have no one to turn to when times get tough.

Here's how to get started today:

  1. Order your will guide here. It tells you everything you need to know, with step-by-step practical advice to make the process of writing a will as simple as possible.
  2. Download your will planner here. This will guide you through the things you need to consider when you write your will. It helps you jot down questions and think through the process before your meet with your solicitor.
  3. Find a solicitor here. The Law Society Northern Ireland has lists of solicitors in your area. We always recommend that your will is drafted by a qualified professional.
  4. Read more about the three standard types of wills. Think about the type of will you want to leave to Age NI.
  5. If you're leaving a gift to Age NI – thank you so much. Whatever the size of your gift, it could make an enormous difference to older people in years to come.

Please let us know if you are leaving a gift to Age NI in your will so that we can thank you properly:
Call 028 9024 5729
Write to 3 Lower Crescent, Belfast, BT7 1NR with your full name and contact details.

I already have a will, is it difficult to change my will to leave a gift to Age NI?

No. It's not hard to change at all, an amendment to your will can be agreed and emailed to your solicitor. Any new updates are called a codicil.

Email with your full name and contact details if you need to ask any more questions.

Thank you for leaving a world less lonely by supporting the vital work of Age NI.


Last updated: Apr 09 2024

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