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Health & wellbeing

Get information on age-related health conditions, tips and advice on staying fit and healthy, as well as information on dealing with health services and leaving hospital.

Keeping well in winter

At Age NI we are delighted to be working with our friends in Power NI again this winter to bring you practical tips to help you look after yourself, your home and each other.

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Walking tips and advice

One of the easiest ways to get regular exercise is to go for a walk - and here's how it can improve your health.

Getting help when ill

Your GP doesn't always need to be your first point of contact when you feel unwell. There are other services that can help.

Get a flu jab

If you're over 65, it's vital that you have your seasonal flu jab to protect you at the time of year when you're vulnerable.

Find your local Age UK and get face-to-face information and advice near you.


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  • Loneliness

    Loneliness can define our lives and harm our health. Get advice and support to improve your situation.
  • Conditions and illnesses

    Information and advice about conditions and illnesses which may affect us as we get older.
  • Relationships and family

    As you get older your relationships carry more meaning and you may begin to lose lifelong friends.
  • Health services

    From your rights to certain care, to what it's like going into hospital, we've got you covered.
  • Staying Sharp

    We know our physical health is important, but it's becoming clearer that we can look after our brain health too.
  • Fitness

    Want to improve your fitness but don't know where to start? Find out what exercise might suit you.

Staying sharp

We've amassed the latest research on what you can do to keep your thinking skills and stay sharp in later life. Watch these 5 tips to find out more.

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Befriending services

We combat loneliness through our befriending services, where a volunteer befriender provides companionship to an older person.

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Sir Naim Dangoor

We are grateful for the generous support of the late Sir Naim Dangoor, CBE, and the Exilarch's Foundation.

The Wireless from Age UK

Music news and chat on our own radio station

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Age NI Advice Service

Every year our Advice Service deals with thousands of calls from older people in need. Call us today to make sure that you are receiving all the help and support available to you.

Call freephone 0808 808 7575
Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm 

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