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Love later life

There are more people over 50 than there are under 19 in Northern Ireland. As we grow older we face new challenges, and possibly concerns like illness, poverty or ill health. But that doesn’t stop us being ourselves.

We still want to laugh, love and be needed. We want to stay independent and keep doing the things we love. We all want a fulfilling later life.

That’s why Age NI is here. To support those who need us, to stand up for all those who have reached later life, and protect the long-term interests of future generations. We believe that living longer should be celebrated.

Our vision is a world where everyone can love later life. Just like the wonderful local faces in our personal stories below.

Anne Maguire
'There is truth in the saying that "as one door closes, another opens" – all we have to do is look and take the leap! In 2010, this happened to me.'
'I never thought that on retirement, I would find myself involved with so many projects or areas of volunteering.'
'I think it’s really important to embrace opportunities and to not be deterred from giving new things a go.'
'I have found that networking with former friends... has helped me to love later life in the present.'
'I absolutely love the opportunities I have in later life to have fun and help others to have fun too.'
'I love later life because through my involvement with Age NI, I can play my part in helping people of my age in our community.'
'In (partial) retirement, it has been such a joy to read everything from the classics, to modern literary fiction and, yes, detective novels!'
'I love later life because there is so much for me to get involved with, be it a community group, volunteering or a local project.'

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