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Elizabeth Armstrong, an Age NI volunteer, loves later life!

'I love later life because there is so much for me to get involved with, be it a community group, volunteering or a local project. I love socialising and getting out and about and I have loads of opportunities to do so!

'I have been involved in a local inter-generational project. This has been great to be part of and a huge achievement. We have been working on making a peace quilt and the great thing about this project is that both older and younger people have been involved. We had a laugh together and we all got on really well! Being so active in the local community and mixing with people of all ages is something I enjoy.

'I am also a volunteer for Age NI and I love being so involved with the charity. It’s great to meet new people and make a difference and that is what I love most about later life.'

Anne Maguire
'There is truth in the saying that "as one door closes, another opens" – all we have to do is look and take the leap! In 2010, this happened to me.'

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For more information: Age NI 028 9024 5729

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