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As an expert on ageing issues in Northern Ireland, Age NI keeps tabs on relevent research and papers produced by others in the field.

This page provides links to other sources of information on Health and Social Care as it relates to older people and ageing issues in Northern Ireland.

Influential Reports

My Home Life

This report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation summarises the lessons learnt from the My Home Life Programme examining ‘what works’ in the promotion of ‘voice, choice and control’ for older people who live in care homes.

Older people have identified the importance of having control over how they lead their lives and the care that they receive. This is also echoed in government policy across all four nations of the UK. However, there remains a lack of real understanding of what this looks like in care homes and how to make it happen.

opens link in new window My Home Life - Promoting Quality of Life in Care Homes (PDF 3MB)

opens link in new window Promoting voice, choice and control for older people living in care homes (PDF 251KB)

A Vision for Community Care

The Rights in Community Care Group (RICC) held a series of seminars in 2011 to broaden the conversation that needs to be had around adult social care in Northern Ireland.RICC is convinced of the need to broaden the debate about funding of care services to include the impact of care and support on quality of life for those using them and consequences arising from provision of good care or lack of the same.

RICC sees a need for greater focus on preventative strategies and measures to assist people to live independent, fulfilled lives. In addition, RICC sees increased investment in community care as a long-term strategy for averting or avoiding unnecessary acute or long term residential/nursing care and consequent better health outcomes for those using care services and support.

opens link in new window A Vision for Community Care

DHSSPS: Transforming Your Care

In June 2011 the Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Edwin Poots MLA, announced a review of Health and Social Care Services in Northern Ireland.

This review examined the provision of a range of health services, including acute hospital configuration and primary health care. The proposals in the Review Team’s Report “Transforming Your Care” represent a radical change to the way Health and Social Care services are currently delivered. It is change that is long overdue and change which hopes to provide a more citizen-focused, sustainable and effective Health Service.

opens link in new window Health & Social Care Review: Transforming Your Care - December 2011

DHSSPS: Adult Social Care

Transcript of the committee's session on Adult Social Care where Age NI and the Northern Ireland Social Care Council gave evidence.

opens link in new window Hansard Report from DHSSPS Committee on Adult Social Care - 23 November, 2011

PWC: Social Care in Northern Ireland

This report from Price Waterhouse Cooper has said older people in Northern Ireland may face substantial costs for their care in the future that they will not be able to meet. The study commissioned by the Independent Health and Care Providers (IHCP) group calls for changes to the current system. It found many people assume residential and nursing home accommodation is provided free but this is not the case.

opens link in new window Social Care in Northern Ireland: A better future for us all

Hills: Fuel Poverty Review

Professor John Hills published the interim report of his independent review of fuel poverty on 19 October 2011. This report makes a strong link betwen fuel poverty and health inequalities.

opens link in new window Hills Fuel Poverty Review - October 2011

Dilnot: Funding of Care and Support

On 4 July 2011, the Dilnot Commission reported to Government with its findings and recommendations for a new funding system for social care. The report highlighted that the current funding system is in urgent need of reform: it is hard to understand, often unfair and unsustainable. People are left exposed to potentially catastrophic care costs with no way to protect themselves. The recommendations set out how Government could dramatically improve the system. Although this report relates directly only to the system in England, it will have consequences for Northern Ireland.

opens link in new window Dilnot Commission on Funding of Care and Support - July 2011

Appleby: Review of Health and Social Care

Professor John Appleby has issued an update of his 2005 review of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland. It identifies a 9% greater need for Health and Social Care (HSC) services in Northern Ireland than in England. Professor Appleby points out that Northern Ireland HSC is facing a funding gap of £1billion to meet the needs of the population. In addition, he has highlighted a further £1billion productivity challenge on top of that facing Health and Social care in Northern Ireland by 2014/15.

opens link in new window Appleby Review of Health and Social Care Funding Needs in Northern Ireland - March 2011

McKinsey: Reshaping the System

A draft report outlining consultancy advice to the Health and Social Care Board on potential plans to deliver major changes to health and social care services.

The report was produced by McKinsey and company through the Health and Social Care Board. This work was undertaken to show how the health and social care service might potentially adapt to the new, much more challenging financial environment. The report states that the growing demand for care, inflating costs and constraints in the growth of spend could result in a significant shortfall in funding by 2014/15 if health and social care continues to be provided in the same way as they are now.

opens link in new window McKinsey Report - Reshaping the System: Implications for Northern Ireland's Health and Social Care Services of the 2010 Spending Review

Marmot: Fair Society, Healthy Lives

In November 2008, Professor Sir Michael Marmot was asked by the Secretary of State for Health to chair an independent review to propose the most effective evidence-based strategies for reducing health inequalities in England from 2010. The strategy includes policies and interventions that address the social determinants of health inequalities.

opens link in new window Marmot Review: Fair Society, Healthy Lives - February 2010

Other Resources

opens link in new window Age NI Research links -

Age NI keeps tabs on age-related research being done in the UK and further afield. We are primarily interested in research that relates to our key themes. Check out our links on delicious (a social bookmarking website).

opens link in new window CARDI -

Center for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland is a not for profit organisation developed by leaders from the ageing field across Ireland established to provide a mechanism for greater collaboration among age researchers, for wider dissemination of ageing research information and to advance a research agenda relevant to the needs of older people in Ireland (North and South).

opens link in new window NINIS -

The Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service provides free access to statistical and locational information relating to small areas across Northern Ireland. Information is available across a range of themes including Population, Social and Welfare, Agriculture & Education.

opens link in new window NISRA -

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) is the principal source of official statistics and social research on Northern Ireland´s population and socio-economic conditions. The statistics produced by the Agency inform the policy process within Government, research within Academia and contribute to debate in the wider community.

opens link in new window Department Websites -

Each of the 11 government departments in Northern Ireland has an Analytical Services Unit which provides Statistical and Research services to the Department. This is used to inform policy, planning and decision making. Statistical reports and bulletins will be available on their websites.

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