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Committee advice

Every committee is unique, getting the right people and having good leadership is important to the long term health of the organisation.

1. Good Governance

Governance is about leadership and ensuring that an organisation is effectively and properly run. It has been defined as “the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation”

2. Leadership

Leadership is one of the key roles of any management committee/board. Every voluntary and community organisation should be led and controlled by a management committee/board which ensures delivery of its objects, sets its strategic direction and upholds its values

3. Legal responsibilities

The management committee/board members are equally responsible in law for committee/board actions and decisions. They are collectively responsible and accountable for ensuring that the organisation is performing well, is solvent and complies with all its obligations.

4. Effectiveness

The management committee/board should have clear responsibilities and functions and should organise itself to carry out these responsibilities effectively

5. Performing and reviewing

The management committee/board should periodically review its own and the organisation’s effectiveness and take any necessary steps to ensure that both continue to work well and meet legal requirements.

6. Delegation

The management committee/board should set out the functions of sub-committees, officers, staff and anyone performing duties on behalf of the management committee/board in clear delegated authorities and should monitor their performance.

7. Integrity

The management committee/board should view maintaining the integrity and interest of the organisation as a primary overriding duty. They should act reasonably at all times in the interests of the organisation and of its present and future beneficiaries, users and/or members.

8. Openness

The management committee/board should be open, responsive and accountable to its users, beneficiaries, members, partners, funders and others with an interest in its work.

9. Sustainability & Funding

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There are a number of resources already in existence which provide advice and support to local groups in terms of Governance, Performance and Sustainability.



Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

DSD Voluntary and Community

Volunteer Now

NICVA Strategic Planning templates 

Rural Community Network

NICVA Training

Useful contacts

Charity Bank
Tel: 028 9024 4179

Community Change
Tel: 028 9023 2587

Community Evaluation NI
Tel: 028 9024 8005

Community Places
Tel: 028 9023 9444

Companies House
Tel: 0845 6048888

Equality Commission NI
Tel:028 90 500 600

Labour Relations Agency
Tel: 028 9032 1442

National Council for Voluntary Organisations
Tel: 020 7713 6161

Tel: 028 9087 7777

Rural Community Network
Tel: 028 8676 6670

Social Economy Agency
Tel: 028 9096 1115

Social Economy Network
Tel: 028 9077 0502

Supporting Communities NI
Tel: 028 2564 5676

Ulster Community Investment Trust Ltd
Tel 028 9031 5001

Volunteer Development Agency
Tel: 028 9023 6100

Workers Educational Association
Tel: 028 9032 9718

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Last updated: Jul 10 2018

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