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Shared Lives

Age NI are delighted to be offering a Regional NI Shared Lives Service – We were registered at the end of December 2022 by RQIA and are funded by the Department of Health. 

Shared Lives is based around Shared Lives carers sharing their home, family and community life with an older person who needs support. It helps older people to stay as independent as they can, for as long as possible. 

Our service monitors and manages Shared Lives placements, initially day support, but our plan is to develop opportunities for short breaks and long-term placements. 

Shared Lives day support is for older people over the age of 65 and it takes place in the community and the family homes of carefully recruited Shared Lives carers. The older people using the service will be at the early stage of need and the service will help them stay as independent for as long as possible. This will reduce loneliness and isolation, and assist families who continue to provide support by offering them a break from caring. 

The care and support is based on shared interests and lifestyles. It is tailored for the older person and what they would like to do during the time with their carer.

We recruit, assess, and support Shared Lives carers and provide them with training, as well as organising support groups and social events. We carefully match carers with older people requiring support, taking into account the needs and interests of the person requiring support. They are matched with a Shared Lives carer who has similar interests and can meet those needs. 

Our aim is to deliver a high-quality service, complying with Adult Placement Regulations and Draft Standards, and RQIA guidance. It will be kind, compassionate and responsive to the needs of Shared Lives carers and the people they support. 

Our team will be made up of a Service Manager with experience of managing a Shared Lives Service and two part-time social workers. Placements will be across the 5 HSC Trusts. 

Shared Lives carers are self-employed and provide the necessary care and support from their own home. They are carefully selected, assessed, trained and approved and receive regular support from the Shared Lives Service. 

We are currently recruiting for Shared Lives carers to provide support so if you are interested in applying please contact: 

Alison Milford, Head of Shared Lives 
Tel: 028 9024 5729

We are not yet open to taking referrals – when the service is up and running referrals will come to Age NI via Health and Social Care Trusts. 

More Information on Shared Lives across the rest of the UK can be found at Home - Shared Lives Plus 


Last updated: Apr 16 2024

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