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Our Report on GP Access

Published on 12 April 2024 04:46 AM

This winter, 280 local older people completed our survey on access to GP services in Redbridge.

We conducted a very similar survey in 2022, which found that telephone systems were poor (just 18% of respondents got through within 10 minutes) and there was limited ability, among older people, to use the alternative online systems.

Also, we found that trust levels in remote (video or telephone) consultations was low, with confidence among older patients at 44%. Our report contained many recommendations. In running this new survey, we were able to measure the difference, in what has improved since 2022, and what has not.

What has improved? We found that respondents are now more likely to get through within 10 minutes (an improvement of 5%) and to be offered a choice of consultation method (a 6% improvement).

On access, respondents are being seen quicker for both emergency (up 12%)  & routine appointments (up 2%), with better punctuality of callbacks. A greater proportion of remote appointments have suited needs – with confidence improving by 7%.

What has not improved? We also found respondents are less likely to see their clinician of choice, and feel less respected by staff, when booking.

Click here to read the full report.