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We are celebrating being awarded a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to support our work with older people who are isolated and lonely.

Time for Tea events run throughout the district in shared public spaces such as supermarkets and shopping centres. This is an opportunity for older people to gather informally and enjoy refreshments in open areas they already visit, making it a regular drop-in event and providing passers-by with an easy opportunity to engage, feeling comfortable and safe. No doors to open, no closed rooms!

We have opened new ‘Time for Tea’ projects across the district and would like to thank the wonderful, caring people at various shopping venues who are really eager and happy to host our events.  Our team of 3 staff will attend each event along with Age UK Wakefield District volunteers to chat, offer support and generally get to know people.  


We hope the people who come along will build good relationships, develop new friendships and benefit from the support that Age UK Wakefield District has to offer at what we hope will be happy, relaxed get togethers. 

So if you see us whilst out shopping, come and say hello!

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  • Morrisons Knottingley

    Morrisons cafe
    Last Wednesday of each month
    10am - 12noon

    Upcoming dates
    28th February 24
    27th March 24
    24th April 24
    29th May 24
    26th June 
    31st July
    28th August

  • Community Shop Knottingley

    Community Shop (Previous Factory Shop)
    2nd Tuesday of each month10.30 am - 12.30pm

    Upcoming dates

    13th February 24
    12th March 24
    9th April 24
    14th May 24
    11th June
    9th July
    13th August

  • Pontefract

    The Broken Bridge Wetherspoons

    Every second Monday of the month
    Pub games and chance for a friendly chat


    Upcoming dates

    12th Feb
    11th March
    8th April
    13th May
    10th June
    8th July
    12th August

  • Castleford

    Based in The Glassblower Wetherspoons

    Every third Monday of the month
    Pub games and chance for a friendly chat

    10am-12 noon

    Upcoming dates
    19th February
    18th March
    15th April
    20th May
    17th June
    15th July
    19th August

  • Hemsworth

    Based in the Tesco store, this gathering happens on the


    1st Monday of each month 10am - 12noon

    Upcoming dates
    5th February
    4th March
    1st April

  • Morrisons Dewsbury Road

    Based in the Morrisons cafe, this gathering happens on the


    3rd Tuesday of each month
    10am - 12noon

    Upcoming dates

    20th February 24
    19th March 24
    16th April 24
    21st May 24
    18th June
    16th July
    20th August

  • Wakefield Centre

    Based in The Ridings Centre, Time for Tea happens in the centre near the glass lifts


    4th Thursday of each month 10am - 12 noon

    Upcoming dates

    22nd February
    28th March
    25th April 
    23rd May
    27th June
    25th July
    22nd August

  • Wakefield Centre

    Based in The Ridings Shopping Centre, Cuppa Club happens in the centre near the glass lifts.  Offering entertainment and time for a chat 

    2nd Thursday of the month 
    10am to 12noon 

    Upcoming dates

    8th February
    14th March
    11th April
    9th May
    13th June
    11th July
    8th August

  • Junction 32

    Based in Tilly's Kitchen & Coffee Lounge, this gathering happens on the


    2nd Tuesday of each month 2pm - 4pm

    Upcoming dates

    13th February 
    12th March 
    9th April 
    14th May 
    11th June
    9th July
    13th August

  • The Blue Bell

    Based in The Blue Bell, Wetherspoons Pub.  This gathering happens on the

    4th Monday of each month
    10am-12 noon

    Upcoming date

    26th February
    25th March
    22nd April


If you are interested in volunteering at any of our rewarding 'Time for Tea' events, click here to see our volunteer opportunities. 

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Age UK Wakefield District runs a ‘Keeping Older People Connected’ digital inclusion service which has three offers for people over 50:

  • A free Tablet Loan scheme allowing people with little or no previous experience of digital equipment and the internet to gain valuable experience, learning in their own time and in their own houses.
  • The free training and support.
  • The free ‘Time for Tea’ Tech Tables, where members of the team support an area for people to find out more about the services and get immediate help with their own equipment. The Tech Tables are available at all the planned events above.