Please help safeguard the future for older people by remembering Age UK West Sussex in your Will. Whatever the size of your gift, you will make a real difference.

Leave a legacy to Age UK West SussexWe rely on donations

Everyone who remembers Age UK West Sussex in their Will is making sure that an older person – sometime, somewhere - will get the helping hand they need.

Donations in Wills, legacies, contribute more than half our voluntary income and the need for our services is set to rise dramatically. In the coming years Age UK West Sussex will be needed more than ever, because as a nation we are growing older. In just 30 years time, the UK population aged over 60 will have increased by 50%, so Age UK West Sussex’s services will be even more vital in the future.

Here at Age UK West Sussex, we rely heavily on donations and legacies to ensure our services remain at the forefront for all those in later life, their families and carers.

How do I leave the gift to Age UK West Sussex?

Your will must clearly state Age UK West Sussex, Registered Charity number 1086323 to ensure that the gift is kept locally. By stating our charity number (1086323) will ensure that your money is used to improve the lives of older people in West Sussex.

Older people’s lives could be transformed by remembering Age UK West Sussex in your Will. Whatever else your Will sets out to do, there are usually ways it can help older people as well. For instance, some people like to divide whatever they leave between more than one favourite charity.

People of course need to make sure their families and those near and dear to them are looked after first, before thinking about making a charitable gift of what remains – this is called a residuary legacy. Others choose to leave a specific sum of money, which is known as a pecuniary legacy.

We would be grateful if you could let us know if you have included Age UK West Sussex in your Will.