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About Volunteering With Age UK Isle of Wight

Age UK Isle of Wight owes its success and impact to the incredible support of its dedicated volunteers. Without their selfless contributions, this charity simply would not exist. As we celebrate our 50th year, we are actively seeking new individuals to join our exceptional team.

The demand for our services is steadily increasing, and we recognise the importance of recruiting more supporters to meet this growing need. By becoming a volunteer at Age UK Isle of Wight, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of older adults on the island.

Volunteering with us offers numerous benefits, both personally and professionally. Not only will you have the chance to meet new people and forge meaningful connections within your community, but you will also experience the joy of giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Additionally, volunteering with Age UK Isle of Wight provides valuable work experience, enhancing your skills and enriching your resume.

Joining our team means becoming part of a compassionate and dedicated community that is committed to improving the lives of older individuals. Whether you choose to assist with practical tasks, offer emotional support, or advocate for the rights of older island residents, your contribution will be invaluable.

As Age UK Isle of Wight continues to serve the older population on the island, we invite you to join us in our mission. Together, we can create a stronger, more inclusive community where older adults can thrive and age with dignity.

Volunteer with us today and be a part of something truly special.

Frequently asked questions below.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can be a volunteer! If you are aged 18+, we have a wide range of roles which suit different people and their skills all of which make a huge impact and difference to the lives of our older Island residents.

Volunteering can be an excellent opportunity to add to your CV and increase your skills in certain areas. We can offer volunteering roles in many departments, with many specialities. Email us if there is something specific you are looking for. 



How much time is involved?

As much or as little as you can give! We understand time is very precious to you and we are honoured you would consider donating it to us.

Some of our volunteers work once a month, some once a week and some work daily. We have volunteers that work for periods of 1 hour at a time and some for 7 hours through the day...And we are so grateful for them all!

Our short-term projects will offer temporary roles that may suit you, however all volunteers will be offered opportunities to work on other projects and across our charity should they wish to. 



What's the process of becoming a volunteer?

First, you should email or call to show your interest in volunteering with us. The more detail you give in what you are looking for, the time you can spare and the skills you have will help speed up the process. That being said, if you're not sure or just enquiring keep it brief - we will help you find the perfect role for you.

We will ask that you complete a simple survey and then invite you in for a short meeting. This is for us to learn about you and for you to learn about us.

In the best interests of our clients, we vet all our volunteers by requiring references and a DBS check. You will complete a DBS check after your meeting, with our support if required. The cost of the DBS check is covered by Age UK Isle of Wight, provided it is successful. On return of your DBS, you will be able to commence in your volunteering role. 

You will be assigned a designated co-ordinator that will get you started in your new role. Your designated coordinator will make regular contact with you to ensure that things are going well. This co-ordinator will be on hand throughout the week to support you as required. 


Do we have any specific or short-term projects you can help with?

Yes - we are always doing something! And that means, we are always looking for extra hands for certain projects.

Current ongoing projects you can donate some time to;
The Big Knit: If you're a crafter and love knitting, this could be the perfect way to involve yourself with our charity. Enjoy a hobby, whilst making a difference! Find out more.
Dignity In Every Pack Project: This is a project that can offer a vast variety of volunteering roles and work experience opportunities. What we are looking for: assistance with delivery, outreach and marketing support, fundraising assistance and administration roles. Find out more.
Digital Inclusion: We are always looking for tech savvy volunteers who could support our digital workshops. Find out more.



Apply To Volunteer

Email us and our team will be in touch as soon as possible!

What else you can do to support us

  • Take part in a fundraiser

    Could you help us to raise vital funds by taking part in a fundraising event? We have regular events such as sponsored skydives, but you could also do your own fundraiser like a cake sale.

  • Get your colleagues involved

    Could you talk to your colleagues or your employer about how you can support us? We have lots of ideas for how organisations can get involved, including sponsoring an event, making us Charity of the Year, or donating equipment.