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Dementia Care Navigators promote self-confidence to increase a person's sense of health and wellbeing. They can help to improve your quality of life, maintain independence and support individuals and the family of those who have had a diagnosis of Dementia and those who have not.

What happens when you are visited by a Dementia Care Navigator?

A Dementia Care Navigator can visit you and a family member, either in your own home or a place convenient to you. They will take the time to listen to what is important to you and help you navigate the health, social care system and memory services.

Together a plan can be agreed which will provide tailored and creative solutions to your daily challenges.

Dementia Care Navigators will offer:

  • Support to do the things you can achieve.
  • Support to do the things you would like to achieve.
  • Support to access the things you can't do for yourself.

A Dementia Care Navigator can help you:

  • Be an emotional support through challenging times, for you and your family
  • Support to access social and community activities
  • Access domestic support and help around the home
  • Advice on falls prevention around the home
  • Home safety, including fitting minor aids and equipment
  • Welfare and Benefits (including ensuring you're accessing all the support to which you're entitled)
  • Support through other challenges personal to you
  • Be an on going point of contact for yourself and the family around you
  • Be a support for you and your family with or without a dementia diagnosis
  • Signpost you’re to relevant services
  • Work alongside Adult Social Care where required
  • Work alongside The Memory Service where required


To find out more, or to make a referral please:

To find out more, or to make a referral please: Give us a call on (01983) 525282 or email us using the button to the right