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From Monday 23rd March our LGBT Drop ins will be postponed until further notice.

 Our staff are still able to offer support over the telephone or through email.

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Breaking down barriers for an inclusive Island.

We offer safe, confidential & impartial support on the Isle of Wight for people experiencing hate crime and/or domestic abuse.

This service is for people who are: 50 years and older and who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) or non-binary.

LGBT Drop-in sessions are held monthly at Age UKIW’s offices in Newport High Street, offering free:

  • Information and Advice
  • Support around Hate Crime
  • Domestic Violence/Abuse support
  • Support groups/social group connections
  • LGBT friendly services & business links
  • Referral & signposting onwards
  • Safety advice & information
  • You matter. Your story matters.

Connecting with others who understand and people who can support you when you need it is enriching. Our service enables:

  • We are here to offer impartial and confidential information and advice on hate crime and domestic abuse.
  • We can offer support throughout criminal justice proceedings and have excellent links with the Police and other organisations to ensure that you are informed and supported in a client centred way.
  • We can help you report hate crimes and get appropriate support to help you feel safe and secure.

We are working hard to increase awareness across the Island and to work with organisations, services, businesses and agencies to improve LGBT awareness & facilitate a more inclusive Island.


Developing a sustainable and thriving social network across the island with a range of activities and events to cater for everyone’s interests. From confidential drop ins and support groups in a safe environment to more social events across the wider community.

We all have something we can bring to improve and enrich the Isle of Wight. We can get so much from each other and the communities in which we live. We are one Island together and it is richer because of each and every person here.

Support from the Age UKIW LGBT project can empower you in a variety of ways.

Victims of domestic abuse and hate crime experience isolation and loneliness. Talking to a member of our caring team can help to reassure you.

What to do next

All conversations are confidential and impartial, for more information please contact our specialised project worker Anna on (01983) 525282, email us using the button to the right.