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Show Your Love

In 2024, we are on a mission to raise £14, from each of our newsletter supporters, in celebration of the 14th of February, and we would be immensely grateful for your support. Age UK Milton Keynes works tirelessly to enhance the lives of older individuals in our community, providing vital services and support to ensure they age with dignity and joy.

Share Your Love:  We invite you to share a message of love that we can pass along to the older members of our community. Your kind words have the power to brighten someone's day and remind them that they are loved and valued. (link to google form)

Love to Give :   In addition, we kindly ask you to contribute to our fundraising efforts by making a donation of £14 or any amount you feel comfortable with. Your generosity will go a long way in supporting older people in Milton Keynes and making a positive impact on their lives. To make a donation, please

Please email us with a short message or quote that expresses love, encouragement, or a warm sentiment. We'll make sure to compile these messages and share them through our services across Milton Keynes, making this Valentine's Day extra special for them.