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The Coalition of Carers Organisations

Established in 2016, the Coalition of Carers Organisations (CoCo) is an alliance of community and voluntary organisations collaborating to advance the rights of unpaid carers in Northern Ireland.

The impact of COVID-19 on carers in Northern Ireland

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the unpaid carers we represent already experienced difficulties in accessing enough practical support and short breaks / respite, juggling work and care and accessing financial support. These challenges have been further compounded by the pandemic, with many coping with additional caring responsibilities and limited or no external support.

A recent survey of carers in Northern Ireland[1] shows that:

  • 78% are providing more care during COVID-19
  • 87% are worried about their loved one getting ill
  • 77% are spending more money (highest expenditure on food)
  • 64% are feeling overwhelmed and worried that they are going to burn out in the coming weeks.

[1] Carers UK (2020) Caring behind closed doors

Read the full Coalition Carers Week statement 2020


Last updated: Jun 15 2020

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