Quality of Care including Safeguarding and Standards

Who Cares? event

Comments from Lisburn Discussion Event:

  • Quality is an important issue, e.g. there is a real dread about going into nursing homes not only because of feeling of failure that you can’t continue living in your own home, but also because services in nursing homes aren’t person centred – you get a standard service with no personal tailoring;
  • Quality is important – shouldn’t just be a case of ‘in/out get the job done’;
  • Dignity – So important that older people are treated with dignity (NPC Code of conduct). This is not adhered to in private Nursing Homes. This code of conduct should be adapted in all environments which care for older people
  • Carers should be better trained. Perhaps not in academic terms but via a more vocational process. The job they do is skilled and it should be reflective in the training they should have. Older people should have an input into these qualifications. (NOTE: They did not know the process but I think they were referring to National Occupational Standards)
  • Care workers seem to have little understanding of the needs of older people. They don’t really know that sometimes we just need to sit and talk to someone.
  • Better facilities and care for people with an emphasis on quality and dependability, for example continuity of care personnel delivering domiciliary packages
  • Equality. Guaranteed care for people with a care need
  • Dignity – not always the same care worker sent out, or sometimes male care workers are sent out to women – this really impacts on their dignity – older women do not want male care workers
  • Dignity and respect is important to all
  • Need to make sure that domiciliary workers are vetted to be sure that care they provide is appropriate and regulated. Aid call buttons are very good.
  • No legal basis to charge someone with elder abuse – no appropriate legislation
  • Social care needs more safeguards in place for vulnerable people,
  • There is not a robust checking system in place currently – need the same safeguards for care in the home as in hospitals
  • Mix of dementia and general daycare puts older people off from attending Daycare should provide different categories of care and not mix them as it distresses people without dementia to attend services with people with dementia
  • Social care should minimise the risk to service users by addressing issues like safety and confidentiality
  • Need to have more spot checks for care workers coming into people’s homes – need an inspection body for domiciliary care

Comments from the Omagh Discussion Event

  • Social care should be about safeguarding the client in all respects. This includes the person’s financial situation.
  • The table felt that uniformity of services across the region and fairness and equity should be at the centre of any new roll-out of social care.
  • HSC needs to be run as a business, particularly regarding procurement – need to be accountable but without compromising on quality
  • It was reported last week that older people are given too many drugs in care homes to keep them quiet and make them sleep longer. That is a scandal – they would not do that to dogs! It’s as if they cannot be bothered to actually care for people – they have so little time and so few employed in these homes
  • I looked after my husband for over 10 years at home – I only got 2 hours per week to go to church – that is all. When he went into the nursing home, he was 16 stone and when he died 9 months later he was only 10 stone. They did not take care of him well but I had no choice as he had late stage dementia and I could not cope with him at home
  • The reliability and standard of services was brought up as an issue and again accountability was a key issue.
  • Should have same quality of care in all settings – consistency of high standard important
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