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Local poet Alexandra Wilde, runs a creative poetry group - Redbridge Rhymesters. The group hold lively and inspiring sessions writing and performing poems on a theme.

The Redbridge Rhymesters was founded over 8 years ago by Alex who has been holding regular workshops at our Wanstead Activity Centre and has been joined by children from Snaresbrook Primary School.

The results of the different generations working together are wonderful and inspirational. The children always write some very imaginative poems and the sessions give everyone a chance to learn how people from different eras and places can be encouraged to share their knowledge through reminiscing about past experiences, and preserve it through the medium of poetry.

To find out more:

Phone 020 8989 6338 or Martine on 020 8220 6000

Back to the future session

Read the enchanting poems produced at the Back to the Future themed session