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Porter Valley People Together: A Community Wellbeing Conversation
One thing that we have learnt through this difficult past year and a half is that the community can do amazing things when they pull together to share resources and skills to support one another. It’s also helped the community became more aware of the number of people who are more socially isolated and perhaps therefore more in need of help than others. The amazing community and support groups that exist across Sheffield, both old and brand new, have really highlighted what can be achieved and just how invaluable the outcomes of local people helping local people can be.

That’s why Age UK Sheffield and The Porter valley Primary Care Network (6 GP practices) are hosting this event. Firstly, to help our community identify and learn more about the support already existing and available. And secondly, to then discuss and share ideas about ways we can fill any gaps that are missing and hopefully combine our knowledge and resources to provide the best possible support to our community. We will have speakers from different services that exist in the area

Who is this event for?
Members of the community, health and social care professionals who work in the area, people who provide, volunteer or attend groups, clubs and activities in the area.

When and where does it take place? Taking place virtually online, via Zoom at 10am-11:30am on Thursday 8th July 2021.

How do I attend?
 All you need to do is enter your details in the form at the bottom of the page and we will send you an email with the link to join the meeting via Zoom in advance of the event, plus a “how to guide” and event programme. If you have any questions about attending the event, please email

Please note:
- You must fill in the form in order to attend the event. If you are unable to complete the form for any reason, please call or email us so that we can complete it on your behalf (call 0114 250 2850 or email
- Please note: Booking for the event closes at 5pm the day before the event and we can’t accept bookings after this point.

What will happen during this event? This virtual event aims to be an opportunity to share information about services and activities that already exist in the Porter Valley area. And facilitate conversations within the community about working together to create changes and improvements. There’ll be speakers from different services and organisations followed by opportunities to ask questions and share knowledge, learn more or collaborate on ideas in our interactive “break out room” sessions, when signing up to attend the event using the form below, you will choose which break out room discussion you would like to attend.  Break out rooms enable attendees to be split into smaller groups (via Zoom). For more details please see the event programme detailed below.
The event will begin with a summary of the feedback shared in the last event, there’ll be a presentation about accessing and using the Sheffield Directory, We’ll hear about the experiences of some volunteers who are supporting people in the Porter Valley area through the Porter Valley in Touch Service, we’ll discuss both activities and groups that currently exist in the area and where any gaps may be, before then splitting into smaller groups.

You are welcome to be as involved as you like during the question and answer and break out room discussion sessions, there’s no obligation to be talkative and you won’t be asked to lead a discussion or speak if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

Event Programme
Welcome, intro, agenda

Feedback from the last event

Presentation about the Sheffield Directory

Porter Valley in Touch Sheffield Volunteer experiences

What’s happening in The Porter Valley and South West Sheffield Community?

Join Break out rooms:

  • Discussing the benefits of creating a Facebook group for the community
  • Campaigning for others – information about new local community hubs
  • Find out about two new local groups that you can get involved in: Singing Teapots and Walking Football

Conclusion and moving forward

This sounds great but I can’t attend at this time!
No worries, we will be sharing details and follow up information from the event afterwards. If you’d like to receive this follow up information, including outcomes and summaries, please complete the form below as though you were attending, but select “I can't attend the virtual event, but would like to receive the post event info via email!” and we will be sure to send it your way.

Link to Join the Zoom Event
In case you haven't signed up in time, here's the link to joint he Zoom Meeting at 10am: 

Event Attendance Sign up Form

Would you like to attend the event?
In what capacity/role are you attending? Please select the option that suits you best
This is where you get to choose which topic you would like to discuss with fellow attendees in a break out room. Please choose form the options which break out room you would like to join! You also have the opportunity to suggest discussion topics for the next event (This will be the second of four of events we are hosting, each leading on from the last. Our first event was in November 2020 and our next will be towards the end of 2021).
After the first of these four events in November 2020, many attendees requested contact details for fellow attendees. In order to support this networking opportunity, please select whether or not you would like your email address and name to be shared with all other attendees. If you select no, your details will not be shared with anyone. If you select yes, your name and email address will be included with all others who select yes and shared in our follow up communications sent only to fellow event attendees.