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"My Safety Net"  How Essence is making a difference

Published on 02 August 2018 09:27 AM


My safety net”, words used to describe how Age UK Sunderland’s Essence Service has helped one lady cope with her husband’s diagnosis of dementia. 

Offering a wide range of practical support and information around health, wellbeing and legal issues, the Essence Service also offers people with an early dementia diagnosis the support to help them understand and deal with their dementia diagnosis in a positive way.

The service also recognises the vital role of carers and the impact caring for someone with dementia can have, and is dedicated to providing a listening ear to carers as well as practical support and signposting to services and support.    

We would like to introduce you to four wonderful ladies who are close to someone with a dementia diagnosis, their husbands, who are all in the mild to moderate stages of the condition. They all currently get support from our Essence Service. 

The ladies attend the weekly sessions at Essence with their husbands and are able to share experiences and realise they are not alone, and as one lady expressed, the Essence Service is “ her lifeline”. 

We are very grateful to the ladies for sharing their experiences with us.