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September - Service of the Month

Published on 11 September 2019 01:01 PM

Hospital Transport & Support Service is our 'Service of the Month'

Founded in 2015 the Hospital to Home service now has 3 Wheelchair friendly cars, 7 transport workers 4 Administration staff with extra help from Nat and 3 support staff.

The team take home around 2600 older people a year from…

  • Pinderfields
  • Pontefract &
  • Dewsbury Hospital

meaning that waiting times for hospital transport are cut and older people are not delayed longer than necessary.

This is a fully funded service so there is no charge passed on to the patient although they often send in donations because of the wonderful service and care they receive from the team!

Working   7am-11pm Mon – Fri

                10am-6pm Sat & Sun   

365 days a year the fully trained transport team work together to provide a safe and comfortable ride home with a typical response time of just 31 minutes!

Once home, our team make sure the patients are settled, warm and have enough food to be safe at home. In some situations the transport worker will get a first emergency shop before referring on to relevant services.

A follow up call two weeks later helps to make sure the people we have taken home are still well and on the road to recovery.

Click here for more information on our Hospital Transport & Support Service