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Young Volunteer

Published on 10 March 2022 11:43 AM

Find out what Tamzin likes about volunteering

As part of my Duke of Edinburgh award, I have chosen to support Age UK Wakefield District because I think it is important that older people get the support that they need to make the most of their life.  Age UK advise, support and care for the older generation all across the UK.  I think the work that they do in helping them is vital so that older people can love later life and fully live their lives without many restrictions, which they might not be able to do without the help from Age UK and their workers.  It is hard for older people to get support because of the way society can push them out too early and make them feel unwanted; older people are sometimes discriminated against so they feel lost and useless if they have no family or friends to look after them, but Age UK helps to change that and help them find the support they may need.

Young people think of older people as highly important because they can help us to remember the past.  Older people have lots of life experience and can provide advice to help younger generations not make the same mistakes they may have made and can go further in life to achieve what they want to.  Young people believe that older people can be useful to society and the community. . It gives younger generations a positive feeling when they see older people in their community.  Younger generations may want to invest more time in older generations so they can learn what they know and use it to help them meet their goals. Older generations can then support younger generations in accomplishing their goals, make them feel that they are good at something and be an inspiration for other young people. Younger generations know that older people have lots of life experience which is useful for their learning process; therefore, they can learn from them.

Age 13