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There are so many ways you can help the people of Dyfed enjoy later life. 

Discover the many ways you can help Dyfed enjoy later life, from making a donation to volunteering, fundraising, shopping online, or leaving a legacy in your will.

All too often, the aging population in West Wales is without any savings at all, made worse by being unaware of their social welfare entitlements like pension credit or need help in the home or support in the community to reduce feelings of isolation or to connect them with digital platforms to help them thrive and learn and access important services online.

Many of us know someone who is suffering from mental health challenges, so we offer a Dementia and related health issues support service for that too. What makes Age Cymru Dyfed different from a national charity is that we are focused on the direct needs of the local older communities in our region and our money is spent directly helping them. By working with us in whatever way you can, we help your families, friends, and members of your community with issues to reduce isolation and loneliness and to boost well-being and health, and support their skills needs too.

We can take the graft away from the elderly with your help. Just a couple of hours a week could help deliver a project that involves tea drinking and chats. Many elderly live alone with poor transport and this really helps reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Let us focus on the volunteer, donor, or fundraiser inside of us be there for Dyfed in later life.

Help Us Be There!