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Internal Audits, Evaluation & Monitoring

Internal Audits are a way of monitoring our working practices to ensure we are compliant with the requirements of the quality standards we hold, including the Age UK Charity Quality Standard, our commitment to Fundraising Regulators good practice standard as well as those of our internal operating policies and procedures. Internal Audits are conducted on all areas of the organisation by our team of trained Internal Auditors, led by the Quality Management Systems and Compliance Lead. Areas of non-compliance are acted upon and corrective actions implemented to ensure continual improvement.

  • Customer service questionnaires are carried out throughout the organisation and across our various projects. The results of these are analysed to see where we can make meaningful changes to improve our services.
  • All externally funded projects carry their own inputs and outputs that are regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure they are delivering with required targets.
  • A robust Quality Management System is in place containing all of the policies and procedures that form the framework of our organisation, and ensure a consistent approached to our processes and the services we provide.
  • Comprehensive Volunteer Procedures cover all aspects of volunteering within Age UK Isle of Wight which are beneficial to both the organisation and to volunteers themselves in terms of policies, procedures and practice and expectations on both sides.
  • All policies and procedures are reviewed on a rolling timetable and updated as and when necessary.

There are many strands to quality within Age UK Isle of Wight, we bring all these together and make sure that not only do these strands meet the requirements of the federation and our funders but above all, we ensure that quality is at the heart of the organisation and that the organisation fulfils the expectations of all those who come into contact with us in whatever way.