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Age UK Isle of Wight Celebrates 4 Years of Providing Support at St Mary's Hospital

Published on 07 March 2024 11:07 AM

Age UK Isle of Wight Celebrates 4 Years of Providing Support at St Mary's Hospital

Age UK Isle of Wight is proud to announce the charity has recently celebrated its 4th anniversary of their hospital team being in situ at St Mary's Hospital. Since January 2019, Age UK Isle of Wight joined forces with the NHS and began integrating into the hospital and has been playing a vital role in assisting discharge and preventing readmission for patients in need of welfare and low-level support upon admission.

St Mary's Hospital is a cornerstone of healthcare on the Isle of Wight, providing essential medical services to the local community. However, many people are unaware of the significant contribution that Age UK IW’s team makes within the hospital walls. Their team strives to ensure seamless transitions for patients back to their homes and communities, within the scope of Age UK Isle of Wight’s capabilities.

When patients require assistance but do not require a full care package for discharge, Age UK IW steps in to provide welfare and low-level support. This includes helping with practical tasks, co-ordinating welfare calls after discharge, collection of essential prescriptions and personal belongings from home, delivering equipment, signposting, and connecting patients with community resources or other Age UK IW services. By addressing these needs, Age UK IW plays a crucial role in preventing readmissions and promoting overall well-being.

Over the past four years, Age UK IW’s Hospital Team has made a tangible difference in the lives of countless patients and their families. Their dedicated team of professionals has become an integral part of the hospital's care ecosystem, working closely with NHS staff, and contributing over 2000 hours of work in the past year. Since April 2023, Age UK IW have conducted 1080 welfare calls and home visits post-discharge.

On the newly renovated community rehabilitation unit, Age UK IW also has a team that co-ordinate activities to help assist with the rehabilitation of patients. By encouraging patients to participate in various activities, it helps them to regain their strength and vitality. Since April 2023, the activities co-ordinators have engaged 3195 patients with activities.

"We are incredibly proud of the work our team has accomplished over the past four years," said Kim Williams, Community Team Lead, Age UK Isle of Wight. "Being able to provide essential support to patients during their hospital stay and beyond is a testament to the dedication and compassion of our staff. We look forward to continuing our partnership with St Mary's Hospital and serving the community for many more years to come."

Age UK Isle of Wight is a local charity dedicated to improving the lives of older adults on the Isle of Wight. Their services range from practical support, such as home help services, to social activities, digital inclusion, and befriending programs. Their community team of Older Person’s Mental Health
Navigators also supporting older people and their families struggling with their memory. By addressing the unique needs of older adults, Age UK Isle of Wight strives to enhance their quality of life and promote independence.

Recently, the team have also been distributing Age UK IW’s funded hygiene packs to patients when they are discharged so they have the necessary provisions to comfortably readjust to being back at home.