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A Day with Isle of Wight Ambulance Service

Published on 02 April 2024 02:53 PM

What an extraordinary day it was for Kim Williams, Community Services Lead and Maria Bunce, Chief Officer from Age UK Isle of Wight as they embarked on an up close and personal experience with the Isle of Wight ambulance service.

On the 27th March, months of planning finally culminated in an eye-opening observation shift that left them in awe of the dedicated paramedics here on the Isle of Wight and the vital service they provide.

The day kicked off with an early start at 6:45am at the Ambulance Station, where Kim and Maria were geared up in high visibility jackets and warmly welcomed by the paramedics. Here, they bid farewell to each other, and both commenced their exciting day ahead.

Maria teamed up with Rachel and Lyndsey, two bright and cheerful paramedics ready to tackle the 12-hour shift ahead. The day started with the revelation of a 7.5-hour wait for Non-Category 1 Calls, indicating a busy night for the ambulance crew.

The first call came in at 7:15am, rushing Maria into the back of the ambulance as they raced with sirens blazing towards Shanklin. Their first encounter was a brave lady who had endured 12-days of struggle at home before seeking help. Her touching story of reluctance to burden the healthcare system despite her NHS background struck a chord with Maria.

Subsequent calls unfolded with poignant encounters, from a resilient 103-year-old lady who defied odds to a suspected stroke case that was swiftly handled. Each interaction left a lasting impact, underscoring the resilience and spirit of the island residents.

Kim echoed Maria's sentiments, praising the friendly and accommodating nature of the ambulance station team. The day's experiences shed light on the relentless pace and commendable work of the ambulance staff, reaffirming the importance of collaboration between Age UK Isle of Wight and the NHS for the well-being of the island's older residents.

As the day concluded, with patients receiving the care they deserved, Kim and Maria reflected on the unexpected challenges and heartwarming moments that defined their unforgettable experience. The warmth of the high visibility jackets, the bumpy ride of the ambulance, and the camaraderie among the healthcare professionals left a lasting impression.

Four things Maria and Kim learnt:

Takeaways from Ambulance.png

What are Category 1 Calls?

These are injuries and illnesses that pose an immediate threat to life – in particular, cardiac arrests and serious allergic reactions. These calls require immediate response, resuscitation and intervention to give the person the best chance of survival. Find out more about all other types of calls here.