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Storm Ciaran Approaches Essential Tips to Prepare and Stay Safe

Published on 01 November 2023 04:46 PM

As Storm Ciarán approaches the Isle of Wight, Age UK Isle of Wight is here to provide support and advice to older Island residents who may be concerned about the potential impact of the severe weather conditions. With an Amber wind warning issued by the Met Office, it is crucial for individuals to take necessary precautions and stay informed.
The Met Office has issued an Amber wind warning for Thursday, November 2nd, from 6am to 5pm, along with a Yellow wind warning for Wednesday, November 1st, 9pm to Thursday, November 3rd, midnight. Storm Ciarán is expected to bring very strong winds that may disrupt travel, utilities, and cause structural damage. It is important to be aware of the potential dangers, such as flying debris, damage to buildings and homes, road and railway closures, power cuts, and potential coastal damage.
To ensure the safety of older residents, Age UK Isle of Wight recommends staying up to date with information from reliable sources such as the Isle of Wight Council website and The Met Office. It is crucial to stay informed about any changes in the weather conditions and follow the advice provided by authorities.
How you can prepare?
  • In preparation for Storm Ciarán, it is advisable to secure loose items in outside areas, close and secure doors and windows, and park vehicles away from buildings and trees.
  • Inside, it is recommended to stay indoors as much as possible during the storm and have basic supplies ready. It is also important for residents in flood-prone areas to register for flood warnings and sign up for the Priority Register for extra support if you are eligible.
Age UK Isle of Wight understands that emergencies may arise during severe weather conditions. If you come across fallen trees, debris, or flooding on the roads, please report them to Island Roads. Additionally, Island Roads' Twitter account provides information about sandbag locations, which can be crucial in protecting your property.
If you require assistance with food parcels, laundry, showers, or connectivity, the Isle of Wight College is available to help.
In case of power cuts, please report them to Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks. For gas leaks, contact the National Gas Emergency Service, and for water leaks, reach out to Southern Water. These organisations are ready to assist you during any emergencies that may arise.
Age UK Isle of Wight is committed to supporting older residents during this challenging time. If you have any concerns or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Stay safe, stay informed, and remember that we are here for you.