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Send us an email today to get request your pack! Packs can be claimed by individuals or third parties to distribute to their clients or members. Beneficiaries must be 50 years old or over.

'Dignity in Every Pack': Supporting Island Residents to Access Incontinence Products
Age UK Isle of Wight is proud to announce the launch of our new initiative, 'Dignity in Every Pack.' This campaign aims to provide support to island residents facing challenges in managing continence while also working to reduce the stigma associated with this common condition.

We are able to offer 1000 free hygiene packs tailored to the specific needs of individuals managing continence challenges.
We understand that incontinence can be a challenging and often isolating experience. That's why our hygiene packs include essential items to help maintain personal hygiene and promote dignity. We believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident, regardless of their age or health condition.
Breaking down barriers and encouraging open conversations about continence challenges is at the heart of our campaign. We want to create a supportive community where individuals feel comfortable seeking help and advice. No one should have to face continence worries alone, and we are here to offer our support every step of the way.

What’s Inside?

Age UK IW invites all local care companies, charities, and organisations to join forces in distributing these hygiene packs and supporting older residents and their caregivers. By working together, we can have a significant impact and help reduce stigma, promote dignity, and improve the overall well-being of our community.

Hygiene packs are also available to be collected from our offices by individuals. Age UK IW welcomes you to make an appointment to collect a pack. If you or someone you know could benefit from our 'Dignity in Every Pack' initiative, please get in touch with Age UK Isle of Wight. 

This project has been funded by the Department for Work and Pension through Connect 4 Communities.

Volunteering and Work Experience Opportunities: Dignity In Every Pack

If you are passionate about making a difference and want to contribute to our cause, we would love to have you on board. As a volunteer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that our packs reach those who are in need but cannot access them themselves.

There are many ways you can help, that don't all involve delivery. We will work with you to tailor your role to suit your skills and what you enjoy doing,

Your responsibilities may include:

  1. Delivery Assistance: Help us distribute the packs to various locations, such as shelters, community centers, and schools. This will involve loading and unloading the packs, organising them for distribution, and ensuring they reach the intended recipients.
  2. Outreach: Assist us in spreading the word about our initiative and reaching out to individuals who may benefit from our packs. This could involve distributing flyers, assisting our PR & MarComms Executive in content creation and marketing tasks, or contacting local organisations to raise awareness.
  3. Administrative Support: Provide assistance with administrative tasks, such as data entry, organising inventory, and responding to inquiries. This will help us maintain efficient operations and ensure that our resources are utilised effectively.
  4. Fundraising: Help us secure additional funding by assisting at fundraising events, reaching out to potential donors, or assisting with grant applications. This will enable us to continue providing packs to those in need and expand our reach. You would be supported and working alongside our Fundraising Consultant and Fundraising Officer.

Time Involved?

As much or as little as you can give! We understand time is very precious to you and we are honoured you would consider donating it to us. Our Dignity In Every Pack project offers a short-term volunteer role, however all volunteers will be offered opportunities to work on other projects and across our charity should they wish to. 

By volunteering with us, you will not only make a positive impact on the lives of others but also gain valuable experience and skills. You will be part of a dedicated team working towards a common goal, and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please contact us at: or visit our volunteering page to find out more.