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Royal Parks Half Marathon 2023


We are thankful to all our runners for the 2023 Royal Park Half Marathon. This year we had many first time runners representing Age UK Kensington & Chelsea, two of which were Mac and Sophie who did amazing. 

Why we need your support.

Isolation and loneliness are some of the prevalent issues that older people face in the UK as 1.9 million older people have reported that they often feel ignored or invisible. In Kensington and Chelsea alone 61 % of the people over 65 live alone, with more than 10% being a lone pensioner household. Although the borough is perceived as one of the more wealthy boroughs in London, there are still pockets of deprivation especially in the north, leaving little disposable income to enjoy life or socialise.

Studies have also shown a correlation between isolation and loneliness; and physical and mental health, therefore at Age UK Kensington & Chelsea, we do our best to uplift and befriend the older people in our community. We aim to ensure that older people’s voices are heard, their needs are met and their independence is supported. The charity offers a wide variety of services which are aimed at providing legal advice, combating social isolation, practical help and so much more. Some of these services include information & advice; befriending & escorting; DIY & gardening; and activities & events to name a few.

We have seen a steep rise in anxiety and loneliness in recent years, and many of the older people are the worst effected due to lack of digital skills and isolation. We have been doing our best to adapt out services to continue to support the older generation of the Borough through projects such as Activities & Events, Befriending, Escorting, DigitAll etc to name a few.

Now more than ever we need your support to continue to provide the services imperative to enable older people to maintain their independence; encourage and amplify their voice; and support their needs.

How to be part of our team.

There is a £35 administration costs and we also ask that you pledge to raise a minimum of £250 to help older people live a better life.

Contact our fundraising team on to get started!

Already have a place?

If you already have a place through the organisers you can still help older people lead a better life by joining our team! Simply contact our fundraising team at to get started.

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2024

Due to the great success Age UK Kensington & Chelsea have had since 2019, we would like to continue to take part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon again in 2024. Therefore, we are inviting you to join us!

It is an amazing event with more than 16,000 participants and 1,000 UK charities taking part. The excitement is contagious, and our runners did an amazing job finishing the 13.1 miles within great timing. 

The Royal Parks Half Marathon is an annual event that boasts more than 12 years of providing this experience. The half marathon is a journey that takes you past some of London’s world famous landmarks, and four of the eight London Royal Parks. This event is not just for the runners, it is also for the spectators to have fun as the Royal Parks Half offers a fantastic food and music festival.

Interested in taking part in the event? Contact us at to take part now!