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Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your community and gain new skills. By offering your time you will make a real difference to the lives of local older people.

All you need is enthusiasm and a bit of time and we will provide the rest!

Volunteer Application Form 

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who is over the age of 16 with time to spare is welcome to apply to be a volunteer. Our volunteers are as diverse as the community we serve, ranging in age from 16 to 92. Some roles (such as befriending) require a regular weekly commitment, wheras others are on a more casual basis.

All volunteers occupy a position of trust and, since much of our work is with people who are vulnerable, we use the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to help us to ensure their safety and wellbeing. This means that, as well as providing references, you will be asked to show some forms of identification to verify the details you give. Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from volunteering with us.

Please contact our volunteering team at for further information. 

Volunteer Experiences 

Jo - Shopping Volunteer

I started volunteering during Covid as I remember feeling a need to act even though it was scary. Age UK was helping lots of isolated elderly people with food and it felt like a good practical thing to do, it also gave me a focus.

I get a lot out of volunteering. I work with a lovely team and particularly enjoy the personal contact with people.  There is nothing quite like making someone smile it really makes a difference to me.

Volunteering has enhanced my confidence, taught me the value of speaking up and the importance of commitment.  It has also opened doors to other volunteering organisations via the connections and networking opportunities I have had.

Tim – I&A Volunteer

I started volunteering during the pandemic. It was a godsend as it got me out of the flat and gave me a purpose. I moved on to being and Information & Advice volunteer as I wanted to use my skills as a lawyer. I get satisfaction when a grant application is successful, and the client is grateful as they could not do it alone. A particular success was helping the digitally excluded reclaim their government rebate on their rates last year.

I do help with other projects driving the minibus for the Memory Café, and the Activities Group including leading local walks.

It would be nice if more people volunteered with I&A as the demand is high.

Alba – Befriending Volunteer

I started volunteering during Covid mostly because people were alone with no social connection.  It was older people this affected the most, it made me think of my grandpa.  I contacted Age UK and started to help with walking support and then befriending. 

I really like helping people and giving my time, putting a smile on people’s faces.  I could see how much they valued my time, and I also learnt a great deal from them.

I remember one of my first meetings, the person was quite shy but as time passed, we built a rapport and he said that he couldn’t wait for my next visit.

Volunteering Opportunities

There are lots of different ways you can get involved as a volunteer. Depending on the project, we will ask for a short, medium or long term commitment. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and the pleasure of knowing you are helping others who need it.

All of our current volunteering opportunities are listed below. If you would like to get involved or find more abour it, please contact Teresa Pope on 020 8969 9105 or by email using the details listed.



When do you need me?


Befrienders make weekly visits to housebound and isolated older people in their homes to provide regular companionship.

Mainly weekday mornings and afternoons. In some cases early evenings and weekends are possible.

Minimum requirement: Weekly for 6 months

Befriending people with memory loss

Volunteers make regular weekly visits to support people with memory loss to pursue their interests, maintain independence and retain social contacts.

Weekday mornings and afternoons.

Group Befriending: 
Activities & Events

This project combats loneliness and isolation by supporting older people to take part in group activities and make friends. Volunteers assist with a variety of activities which take place weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

Weekday mornings and afternoons, and occasional weekends. 

Memory Cafés

Monthly gatherings for people with memory loss and their supporters  and carers. These groups increase independence, reduce social isolation and provide stimulating opportunities for people with dementia to socialise through a range of quality activities.

First Tuesday and last Friday of the month


Assisting people who struggle to get out and about to get to appointments or run errands. This can be on foot, public transport or by taxi.

This can be as and when you are available, and does not require a weekly commitment. 

Weekdays, but occasionally during early evenings and weekends. 

Walking Support

Weekly visits to accompany an older person to walk in their local neighbourhood. This service aims to improve confidence to walk outside following a setback such as a fall or a stay in hospital.

Weekday mornings and afternoons

Exercise for the Mind

Weekly classes for people with dementia to nurture and maintain cognitive skills, body co-ordination, creative and physical expression and social interaction.

Wednesday and Thursday afternoons

Chair Based Exercise

Weekly visits to support an older person at home to complete a series of chair based exercises. You will help them to improve their mobility, strength and independence.

Weekday mornings and afternoons

Shopping Trips

Weekly shopping trips for people who cannot use public transport due to disability or frailty, so that they can continue to do their own shopping. Trips are run every Wednesday and Thursday to supermarkets in and around west London. Volunteers assist people with getting on and off the minibus and support them in the supermarket.

Wednesdays 10:30am to around 3:30pm

Thursdays 11:30am to around 4:30pm.

Minibus Drivers

We need volunteer minibus drivers for regular events such as shopping trips and outings within the Greater London area.

Drivers need to have held a clear British driving licence for at least 2 years. Special minibus (MIDAS) training will be provided.

Weekday mornings and afternoons

Practical Help

Getting older may mean that previously simple tasks like hanging a picture, taking your curtains down or changing a light bulb can become more difficult. Volunteers provide support with a range of small DIY tasks.

This can be as and when you are available, and does not require a weekly commitment. 

Weekdays, but occasionally during early evenings and weekends during daytime.

Information & Advice

Volunteers provide basic information and advice on housing and welfare benefits, and can assist with form filling. Local knowledge and experience providing information and advice is very beneficial. Regular commitment required. 
I&A Volunteer Admin Worker JD


Volunteer Resources

E-Learning for Volunteers

As a volunteer with Age UK Kensington & Chelsea, we ask you to complete some mandatory online training.

  1. Please register here: VLP Hub (

Once registered please go into Volunteer Learning (VTW) and complete the following modules.

  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights for Volunteers
  • Safeguarding Adults for Volunteers
  • Mental Health Awareness for Volunteers
  • Data Security Awareness for Volunteers 

These modules you may find useful.

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Communication for Volunteers
  1. Please register with Age UK E-Learning by following this link: Age UK Training Registration 

Complete the following modules.

  • Safeguarding for All
  • Dementia Awareness

There are other modules on this website you may find useful.


What else you can do to support us

  • Take part in a fundraiser

    Could you help us to raise vital funds by taking part in a fundraising event? We have regular events such as sponsored walks, but you could also do your own fundraiser like a cake sale.

  • Get your colleagues involved

    Could you talk to your colleagues or your employer about how you can support us? We have lots of ideas for how organisations can get involved, including sponsoring an event, making us Charity of the Year, or donating equipment.