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Latest Information - Save on Household Bills, Plus Help With Caring

Check our latest factsheet, to see if you can save on water bills and the TV licence. There is also information about the Carers Allowance.

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Cost of Living Information and Advice:

With the cost of living rising, we could all do with some extra money in our pockets and help keeping the cost of our energy bills down. This section (below) provides links to information that can help you feel more in control of your finances.

If you require further Information & Advice, please call and speak to an Advice Worker from our Advice & Information Service.

Also visit our dedicated webpage to get information on Energy Bill Support (Pre-Payment Metre Voucher Scheme), Benefits Rates, Disabled Facilities Grant, Concessionary Transport, NHS Prescriptions/Health Costs and Broadband.


Age UK Benefits Calculator:

Age UK's Benefits Calculator can help you find out what benefits you could be owed. It's free to use and the details you provide are kept anonymous. Please use link below to access the benefits calculator:

Benefits Calculator - What are you entitled to?


Cost of Living Advice:

Help with the cost of living

Energy Bills:

Energy saving tips

Government help for energy bills

4 steps to getting a better energy deal


Age UK Information Guides:

Winter wrapped up

Save energy, pay less

More money in your pocket

Looking after your money

Attendance allowance

Pension credit

Carers' Allowance

Council Tax support

Getting help with debt

Universal Credit

Useful contacts

Healthy living


Information from Local Councils:

Your local council also has a wide range of information, advice and support available regarding the Cost of Living. Please take a look at the links below to see the support available from your local council.


Support for residents struggling with the cost of living


Financial help and advice

Cost of living support roadshows

Barking & Dagenham:

Help with living costs


Warm Spaces/Community Living Rooms

With the cost of living crisis, many people are facing difficult times with increased energy bills. As a result people are facing hard decisions about whether to heat their homes, eat, and continue with the care that they receive. As a result, Warm Spaces have been created across each borough so that anyone struggling to heat their home can go along to a warm space. Warm Spaces will offer a warm, safe and friendly place where residents can comfortably spend time reading or chatting with others.

Redbridge, Community Living Rooms
Also check out our cost of living factsheet.