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Older people ‘healthier, wealthier & better connected’, says report

15 August 2016

Independent Living Co-ordinationOlder people in Sheffield saw improvements in their finances, physical health, mental wellbeing and social connections after support from Age UK Sheffield, according to an independent report.


The University of Sheffield evaluation of our Integrated Care Pilot, supported by Care Connect, added that beneficiaries were also ‘less likely to be hospitalised or require additional health and/or social care’.


Patients who were living with two or more long-term health conditions and had needed an unplanned stay in hospital in recent years received up to three months of support from our Independent Living Co-ordination (ILC) service.


ILC workers looked at a range of factors influencing the patient’s health, such as their housing conditions, diet, social connections, and income levels. They worked with the older person to determine what was important to them, and how Age UK Sheffield could help them to improve their lives.


The independent study found ‘statistically significant improvements’ in physical health, WEMWBS (mental health and wellbeing) scores and service users’ finances.


ILC workers also made, on average, more than nine referrals per patient to other local services which could help to improve their circumstances.


Age UK Sheffield Chief Executive, Steve Chu, said: “We are grateful to NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group and Age UK for supporting this vital study, which showed that up to three months of independence support to older people can help them to benefit from significant improvements in their quality of life.


“Importantly, we believe these improvements lead to reduced future costs for health and social care services.”


To find out more about Age UK Sheffield’s ILC services, call (0114) 250 2850 or e-mail:


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