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Keeping professionals & volunteers in the loop with the latest developments, events, and support about dementia in Sheffield.

This newsletter is for professionals, volunteers, and academics working in dementia services throughout Sheffield who wish to keep up to date on all things related to dementia care provisions and services in the city. Dementia News is a newsletter produced and delivered by Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance working in partnership with Age UK Sheffield and Sheffield City Council

Newsletters are sent once a month and contain updates on services, new training available (for example from Dementia Advice Sheffield), new projects and opportunities from the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance, new resources and activities from the People Keeping Well partnerships, and broader news about dementia research, care, and projects.  If you sign up, you'll always be able to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, either by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails, or by emailing us to ask to be removed from the list. 

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Previous Newsletters

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Newsletter: 20th December 2021

Training, a Christmas Swing party, A Pilot Dementia Project For The Transport Sector

Newsletter: 1st October 2021

This edition focuses on some new upcoming events in Sheffield which aim to enhance the lives of people living with dementia.

Newsletter: 15th September 2021

This edition focuses on some new upcoming events and resources in Sheffield which aim to enhance the lives of people living with dementia.

Newsletter: September 8th 2021

This newsletter edition highlights the importance of planning for the future along with an update from our commissioning officer about the positive future of Sheffield's brilliant dementia services.

Newsletter: August 10th 2021

This edition really focuses on helpful technology, specialist training events and Sheffield specific services. As always, we aim to showcase some of the wonderful things happening across our city and beyond, to improve the lives of people living with dementia.

Newsletter: July 23rd 2021

Sheffield Dementia learning lunch training recordings, New Website Designed For People Awaiting A Memory Assessment, Dementia Friendly Home Checklist, Sheffcare Appoint New Community Liaison Coordinator, Dementia Friendly Golf Sessions and Heeley City Farm In The News

Newsletter: July 2nd 2021

A summary of some new helpful resources, news and reports including: Visual Perception changes and dementia, Porter Valley People Together: A Community Wellbeing Conversation, Dementia Friendly Home Checklist, Dementia and mild cognitive impairment survey, and A Perspective from Carers of People living with Dementia

Newsletter: June 4th 2021

The Benefits of Animal Therapy, The Benefits of Animal Therapy and Young Onset Hub Events

Newsletter: May 17th 2021

Lots of new resources for Sheffield Dementia Friendly Month, as well as details of upcoming events, new research findings, training opportunities and other resources for professionals supporting people living with and affected by dementia.

Newsletter: April 19th 2021

A summary of new expert training sessions, upcoming events and new resources

Newsletter: March 26th 2021

News on our quarterly meeting replacement, pledge writing workshops, carers survey, a dementia Friendly TV service, and much more

Newsletter: March 5th 2021

News about the Alliance, quarterly meetings and our new members toolkit page. Plus research and training opportunities and all 24 online dementia groups in Sheffield, plus much more!

Newsletter: February 3rd 2021

A brand new carers support group, report findings into young onset dementia, dementia lunch time sessions, dementia stars training and more!

Newsletter: January 18th 2021

A summary of new training, services, activities and more!

Newsletter: December 23rd 2020

the final Newsletter of the year! includes tips for supporting someone living with dementia through Christmas and through the Covid Vaccine process, new activities and training opportunities.

Newsletter: 16th December 2020

Even more new training, job position, new services and our member highlight!

Newsletter: 4th December 2020

Brand new training sessions & brand new activities!

Newsletter: 30th November 2020

Courses, Webinars, Christmas Ideas, Research and our Quarterly Meeting

Newsletter: 23rd November 2020

A short and sweet update!

Dementia News: Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance Re-launch Special Edition

A Special Edition Newsletter to share the news of the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance Re-launch. 13.11.20

Newsletter: 28th October 2020

Here's a summary of things coming up tomorrow and next week, plus links to new activity packs, PKW activities and results from the recent short term care consultation.

Newsletter: 21st October 2020

Training & Webinars. Update Part 2

Newsletter: 20th October 2020

Resources, consultations and new services. Update Part 1

Newsletter: 28th September

Good news story, more Covid resources and the Review of Adult Social Care launched

Newsletter: 18th September 2020

The latest round up of helpful things to know about, refer people to or sign up for relating to dementia care, support and advice in Sheffield.

Newsletter: 9th September 2020

More face coverings guidance/advice, research, comforting products, SHINDIG report, services reopening and activity packs.

Newsletter: August 28th 2020

Helpful things to use, refer to and know about dementia care, support and advice in Sheffield: Art Classes, Articles, Webinars and activity packs.

Newsletter: 14th August 2020

Dementia News! PPE & Dementia, Care Home Visiting, Activity Ideas & More

Newsletter: August 3rd 2020

Dementia News! Facemask Exemption Card, New Resources and Activities, Training Opportunities and Congratulations

Newsletter: July 17th 2020

Dementia News: Introduction to new Format

Newsletter: 2nd December 2021

SDAA Workshops, Dementia Toolkit and More