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This page is for anybody working for the emergency services. As a professional working in this sector, you will inevitably come in to contact with people living with dementia. The resources on this page will support you to become aware of some of the challenges people with dementia might face when accessing your services, and what you can do to better support them.
If you have a specific query or question, please do get in touch with us.

Herbert Protocol

Herbert Protocol is an information gathering tool to assist the police to find a person living with dementia who has gone missing, as quickly as possible. If you are concerned about a person living with dementia and believe they are missing, this is an emergency and you MUST dial 999. This form is designed to be completed by a family member/friend/neighbour with copies of the form being held by all relevant people. It is a good idea to fill this form in after diagnosis so you are prepared. Keep it as up-to-date as possible.

Fire & Rescue Dementia Action Plan Information

This document created by the Dementia Action Alliance states how Fire and Rescue Services in the UK can improve the lives of people with dementia. It also provides guidance on how they can join the Dementia Action Alliance and publicly state their commitment through developing an Action Plan.

The Safe & Well Referral Partnership Scheme

This scheme aims to improve how the fire service and local organisations work together to effectively identify and reduce hazards for people most at risk (which includes people living with dementia). If you're organisation works with people living with dementia, you can become a Safe and Well partner which enables you to refer someone to receive free home safety checks. Visit the SYFR website to find out more.

The Dementia Friendly Emergency Services Guide

Click the image below to download the full PDF Guide.