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Durham County Council Consultations

Published on 07 September 2023 01:37 PM

Durham County Council have consultation and engagement projects that they would like you to participate in and provide your views.


New consultations

Consultation on our budget proposals for 2024/5 and Medium-Term Financial Plan 2025-2028. Have your say on our budget proposals for 2024/25, as well as on how we meet the financial challenges we face over the next four years. We have already agreed £2.2 million of savings for next year, and we are now consulting on proposals to save a further £3.7 million. That would still leave us with a £6.2 million shortfall for 2024/25, so we are also seeking your views on where we could make these savings, as well as the savings we'll need to make in future years. In addition, we are proposing a 4.99% increase in council tax for 2024/25. For more information visit:Consultation on our budget proposals for 2024/5 and Medium Term Financial Plan 2025-2028 The closing date for online comments is 5.00pm on Friday 20 October 2023. Service Area(s): Resources

Closing soon  

Increasing the council tax on empty properties and second homes. The council is reviewing its policy around council tax charges for empty properties and second homes. It is seeking your views on whether to increase the amount charged (premium) for long term empty properties and second homes. Consultation on increasing the council tax on empty properties and second homes The closing date for comments is 5.00pm on 13 September 2023. Service Area(s): Resources, Neighbourhoods and Climate Change

Coming soon

  • Licensing Act 2003 Review of Statement of Licensing Policy 2019 – 2024
  • Housing Strategy - Phase 2
  • Homelessness & Rough Sleeper Strategy Phase 2
  • Shop Front Design Guide SPD
  • The Energy Efficiency, Renewables and the Historic Environment SPD
  • Polling Stations

Update on closed consultations

Corporate financial appointee consultation: We have reviewed the consultation feedback and will introduce a weekly charge for the financial appointee service from the 1 October 2023. This will be £5 per week for people in residential care homes and £7.50 per week for people living in their own homes. Charges will not apply to residents who have savings of less than £1,000 and we will monitor this. We will let all service users, and the people who support them know this decision and its impact before October. Service Area(s): Resources

Help us build a better Bishop Auckland for everyone: We asked residents, business owners and visitors to Bishop Auckland on seven proposed projects to help build a better Bishop Auckland for everyone. Over 75% of responses indicated support or strong support for the projects we proposed, the changes to the delivery programme and that they agree the projects were in line with the long term plans we have previously discussed. For more information visit: Help us build a better Bishop Auckland for everyone - Durham County Council Service Area(s): Regeneration, Economy & Growth