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Age UK Kensington & Chelsea in partnership with Age UK Westminster.

The project aims to increase attendances to Early Cancer Screenings, by raising awareness among the population, focusing on Prostate, Bowel and Breast cancer screenings.

Early detection of cancer is important because:

  • Detects cancer before it spreads, making treatment more simple and short.
  • Improves survival rates as early detection increases chances of successful treatment.
  • Reduces treatment costs, duration and minimizes the side effects of added and combined therapy.
  • Avoids suffering from symptoms caused by the progression of the disease.
  • Saves thousands additional lives every year in the UK, according to the NHS

If you are interested in having more information about this project, please contact Danielle Kidd on 075 0833 9098 or at

Transport can be provided, but resources are limited.


Useful information

More details and useful information can be found in this leaflet.