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Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have:

  • Supported vulnerable local older people, ensuring they are kept INFORMED, CONNECTED and INDEPENDENT
  • Responded quickly to the lockdown restrictions and adapted our services so that older 12,727 older people were supported and provided with VITAL services throughout this challenging year
  • Helped older people to claim £1.1 MILLION in unclaimed benefits to ensure that they could have the BEST quality of life and afford food, heating and care
  • Responded to 6,000 calls for help through our vital services and information and advice, to help combat loneliness

Through our service delivery, we have...

... provided 29,896 hours and 28,433 visits to deliver essential shopping, cleaning and support.

... supported 1089 older people in our activity centres with personal care, fun activities, companionship and a hot meal.

... supported 5724 people following discharge from hospital to remain independent and safe at home, preventing re-admission.

... provided VITAL support to 218 older people with dementia and their carers, who have been vulnerable due to Covid restrictions.

Thank you for the fantastic support we have received from donors, grant-making trusts and local businesses during the Covid period.

We are Loyal to Lancashire. Will you help to support the older people of Lancashire?

View and download our interactive report here