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Charity worker wins top award

Published on 31 July 2017 12:00 AM

A beloved charity worker has won a top Sheffield award in recognition of her work to improve the lives of older people in the city.

Age UK Sheffield’s Natasha Wilson was nominated for the Sheffield Carers Centre award by Derinda Colley, the grateful daughter of mum Sylvia who is a member of the charity’s flagship wellbeing centre.

Humbled Natasha says she was overwhelmed to pick up the honour, which was presented by Lord Mayor, Councillor Anne Murphy at Sheffield Town Hall, but credits the personal recognition she received with the outstanding work delivered by the whole wellbeing team.

Natasha, wellbeing assistant coordinator at Age UK Sheffield, said: “It was truly humbling to think that Derinda felt I deserved some kind of recognition for the ongoing support I try to give to each of our Wellbeing Centre families. It is a privilege to be able to support such dedicated people in their caring journey, and it is really them who should be in receipt of recognition and thanks.

“My role at the centre mainly involves creating a monthly activity schedule, to increase our members’ confidence, enjoyment and sense of pride and purpose. I also help out with various other tasks including carrying out assessments and providing family carer support.

“The best thing about my job is meeting the incredible people who come through the doors at the centre and getting to know them and their families. There are too many memorable characters who I have had the pleasure of knowing. I have met everyone from paratroopers to footballers, rock n rollers to political activists, doctors to greyhound trainers!

“The atmosphere and ethos my team have created at The Wellbeing Centre is like nothing I have ever experienced before. As clichéd as it may sound, we are like one big extended family.

“There are so many challenges in my role. It is very easy to get attached to all of our wonderful members as they are an absolute joy to know. As dementia is a progressive condition, it is inevitable that eventually the people you meet gradually become more frail as time goes by. It can be a hard thing to witness and is often upsetting. My team and I truly care about, not just for, the members we have and so we support each other through periods of change like this.

“It’s no great secret that public spending is struggling to keep up with the growing demand for dementia services.  Increasing financial pressures mean that continuing to provide an outstanding service at places like The Wellbeing Centre can be challenging.

“Fortunately, the team go above and beyond for each and every member so that the quality of service they receive is exceptional. I’d like to give all the team at The Wellbeing Centre the credit they deserve.” 

Age UK Sheffield’s renowned Wellbeing Centre is a one-stop-shop for older people and their relatives which combines a range of support services in a safe, central hub.

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