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Free support to keep you safe and well at home, or get you back on your feet.

ILC service

If you are living with or recovering from cancer, or if you are caring for someone with cancer, you might need a little extra support to help you to regain your independence. Maybe you can't do everything you’d like to after a recent hospital stay? Or maybe you’re finding it harder to get out and meet friends?

Our Cancer Support Independent Living Service exists thanks to our partnerships with the Weston Park Cancer Charity and Macmillan. It is a three-month package of support in which one of our highly trained cancer support independent living coordinators will help you and your family members to achieve your independence needs. Whether our support includes organising for aids and adaptations for your home, increased benefits where eligible, or connecting you up to local activities and transport, we'll do everything we can to help you regain your independence.

Our cancer support service is free, and supported by Weston Park Cancer Charity and Macmillan. It is targeted at people aged 50 or over in Sheffield who are living with and beyond cancer. If you are living with cancer, and would like our support, contact us and we will make sure you receive the service you need.Watch the video below to find out more about the service and hear about Moira's story. Moira accessed our ILC service through Weston Park Hospital and talks about her experience of accessing help and support for bereavement and physical and mental health problems following the loss of her husband.

For more information call us on (0114) 250 2850 or e-mail: