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Dementia, PPE & Makaton
These resources may be really useful for visits and communicating with people living with dementia while wearing PPE.
There’s a Presentation and a helpful print out.

The presentation highlights how the new use of PPE can be particularly challenging for people who struggle with traditional methods of communication such as language, and rely much more heavily on non-verbal communications. Things like facial expression, lip reading and the simplicity of a smile has now been compromised due to the requirement to wear face coverings in most indoor spaces, and certainly all areas of health & social care. The short and simple introduction to Makaton within the slides gives some basic, easy to learn suggestions on how symbols, actions and movements can help to overcome communication barriers. In turn, this can make social interactions much more meaningful and less distressing and confusing for people living with dementia. Makaton is fluid, so can be tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

COVID-19 pandemic: Information on visiting a relative with dementia living in an MHA care home.

The MHA are working towards enabling families back to visit their loves ones living in one of their care homes. They have produced this extremely useful guide exploring key questions like:

- What happens if my loved one with dementia wants to hug me?
- What if my loved one with dementia no longer recognises me?

They are good considerations to start looking at ways to enable more contact. The full guide can be found by clicking here.

NEW: Sheffield Dementia webpage

The Sheffield Directory Dementia webpage has been updated with information relating to dementia and coronavirus for the public.

Social Distancing Terminology Guidance

The terms Social Distancing, Self-Isolating, & Shielding have caused confusion for many. The Age UK Health Influencing team have put together a briefing which may help staff and volunteers feel clearer about the guidance for different groups of people, and how to direct someone to the most appropriate guidance. This may also prove useful for new volunteers looking for clarification on these terms.

Care Home Residents Isolation Activity Sheet

How can you best support me to socially distance or isolate?

Distancing with Dementia

This fantastic online resource has an array of ideas for supporting people living with dementia during lockdown, both in the community & residential care settings. There is also a link where you can submit your own ideas to share best practice with others.

Dementia and Bereavement
Please find linked below two useful resources on how to support people living with dementia deal with grief and bereavement.

1. Cruse Bereavement Care:
Supporting people with dementia and those close to them through the grieving
process. Click here to open PDF

2. Alzheimer Scotland:
Loss and bereavement in people with dementia. Click here to open PDF