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Ten tiny toes: where would we be without them? Our team of volunteer toe nail cutters make all the difference in the world to our older clients. After all, it you can’t cut your toe nails and can’t afford the chiropodist, you can’t walk. Do you have what it takes to volunteer and make this small but life changing difference? Contact Annmarie on 01970 615151.

Tiny blue counters: Age Cymru Ceredigion have got through to the public vote stage with Tesco’s in Cardigan so next time you’re shopping there, please take a handful of the blue counters at the checkout and put them in our Perspex collection box. You could help to win us £4000 – a small blue counter could make a big difference to older people in our county.

Tiny bobble hats: can you knit? If so, you might be able to help us with our Big Knit project. innocent Smoothies will give us 25p for each little bobble hat we knit and these will appear on their small bottles over the Christmas period to raise awareness of older people’s issues during the winter. A little knitting can save the world (well, not quite but we can give it a try!). Contact Annmarie on 01970 615151 for a free pattern.