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HM Forces Veterans Weekly Bowls in Ammanford

Bowling for Veterans Weekly

Published on 15 March 2024 05:43 PM

From 52 to 101 years old, this group of WWII military veterans are smashing it! And this is how they roll...

If you are a veteran based in or near Ammanford you might be interested to hear about the HM Forces Veterans Bowls Group who meet every Monday evening at Dinefwr Indoor Bowls Centre on Manor Road in Ammanford, always happy to welcome new recruits.

One member of the group, Owen Dobson, Veterans Welfare Officer at Age Cymru Dyfed, describes his evenings as 'such is the fun and inclusive nature of the evening they are a vital part of the week for most' and he is actively encouraging others to join the group.

For some years, this group of military veterans has been meeting in Ammanford for weekly bowls. Former army officer Major Ken Burton, past president of Welsh indoor and outdoor national governing bodies and current president of the Dinefwr Bowls Centre, coached the first members of the group (12 people). The evenings became so enjoyable that most participants have become full members of the Dinefwr Club and now call themselves 'The Hasbeens', with their own bowling tops. 

Veterans who currently play, represent all three services: Army, Navy and RAF. The youngest player is 52 and the best player is a mere 101 years old, namely World War 2 Royal Navy Gunner, Mr Neville Bowen. Neville took part in the Battle of the Atlantic during WWII, while today he still enjoys the bowls, despite his visual impairment.

Many of the group have been on active service in conflicts during their service and bowls plays a big part in achieving recovery through activity for many Veterans, who clearly enjoy both the physical and social activity - bowls then a cuppa after the game. 

The group continues to thrive and expand, with more joining all the time - and looks forward to inviting yet more veterans to join.

About the Bowls Group - why not sign up?

Dinefwr Bowls Centre is accessible, welcoming, warm and comfortable to veterans of all abilities - the group is also friendly and welcoming!

  • kick of is 6pm and the bowls last till 7pm
  • tea, coffee and chat in the cafe from 7-8pm
  • venue is accessible for all, well-lit and heated
  • bowls sessions are £4 for non-members, £3 for members
  • veterans bowls shirt has been designed and is available to purchase.

For further information as a veteran in West Wales interested in learning more about taking part, please do contact