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How Connecting Carmarthenshire Helped in 2023-4

Published on 07 May 2024 06:41 PM

Connecting Carmarthenshire

How Connecting Carmarthenshire Helped People of Dyfed in 2023-4

Connecting Carmarthenshire is Age Cymru Dyfed’s service for older people and adults with physical disabilities was set up in April 2023 and has been busy meeting members of the community across the county to let them know about available support in Carmarthenshire.

A year on, it’s time to look back at how our team has helped.

Connecting Carmarthenshire promotes wellbeing and prevents, delays, or reduces need for statutory care and support services and those that minimise disability and social deprivation.

Help includes assistance sourcing services and accessing services on your doorstep.

The project has been enabling clients physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially, without creating dependencies and providing support at an earlier point, to retain or regain skills and confidence and prevent or delay deterioration where possible. Maximising skills and resources in communities and local organisations over setting up new groups has involved making clients aware of what’s on offer in their locality.

How we helped

During the first year:

  • 57 events attended since project inception
  • 1,276 citizens were seen
  • 1,361 clients were served who directly accessed the service since April 23
  • 420 clients received direct one-ones wellbeing support
  • 263 citizens received support plans
  • £820,000 of welfare benefits/entitlements were secured

Real life examples

  1. How we helped a lady living alone in her 80s

A lady in her 80s was living on her own after her husband passed. She spent four years sleeping in a recliner in her living room and used a commode in the front room. She had experienced a fall and collapsed upstairs and carried down by the butcher and neighbours. Due to not being able to get upstairs, she was unable to manage personal hygiene, was feeling low and wanted support to manage her daily tasks.

An Age Cymru Dyfed Wellbeing Officer set up a delta service for the call alarm service, contacted Social Services and arranged for a needs assessment. Social Services reassessed the situation and put services in place to support her. Additional Occupational Therapy support was arranged to help with daily living arrangements. The Wellbeing Officer also assisted in obtaining support of a personal assistant to help with personal hygiene and daily household chores.

  1. How we helped a younger disabled lady

A younger disabled lady who had experienced significant sexual abuse when younger, living in a secluded area, due to disability, mental illness, and the inability to be around men (due to sexual abuse) was unable to take rubbish to the property collection point.

An assisted lift was assessed as being unsuitable due to the location of the house. An Age Cymru Dyfed Wellbeing Officer worked with her and the Local Authority Waste Team to address the issues and set up and coordinate a timetable for doorstop collections making accessibility arrangements for the collection van. This helped the disabled service user manage daily household chores, reduce anxiety, and concentrate on rehabilitation.

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