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How The Tablet Loan Helped +fifties in Carmarthenshire

Published on 30 April 2024 10:11 AM

Supporting with technology in West Wales

As we wrap up an amazing 6 months, we look back at our Carmarthenshire Tablet Loan Scheme to discover how it helped older people living in West Wales and to thank staff and volunteers who helped people take their first steps into digital.

25 clients were provided a tablet, internet and training across Carmarthenshire locations

  • 7 clients bought their own tablet
  • 10 clients intend to buy tablet
  • 5 clients are undecided and would like to keep the tablet for longer
  • 3 clients decided not to continue due to health/hospital admission

Essential skills were taught!

  • File maintenance, organisation
  • Video calling
  • Social media
  • Buying and selling things
  • Solving problems on internet, with
  • YouTube, written guides
  • Showcase Connecting
  • Carmarthenshire platform, what is available locally
  • Tablet controls and navigation
  • Keyboard, voice, Google assistant
  • Photos taking, editing, saving
  • Apps installing and removing
  • Web browsers: favourites, bookmark, save information
  • Cyber security: online safety
  • Email and office apps
  • Our team loaned tablets across a range of locations

Case study

An email was received from the Carmarthen Hub, stating a client would like to loan a tablet. The client was using a Smart phone but found it hard to see th screen. A tablet was dropped off and first session went over basics. The client had an idea of how to use it as she’d been using a smartphone. Second session on we created email account and sent emails to her family.

Our client quickly got the hang of sending emails, and wanted to know how to use YouTube so she could watch music videos. Next steps were to learn to shop online. After 2 more sessions, she decided she wanted to purchase her own tablet and used Amazon to purchase it. 

Watch our outcomes video for further details of how we helped the over fifties with technology in Carmarthenshire in 2023-24.

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