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Veteran Sculptors Meet in West Wales & Tea with Sister Angela

Harry at work

Published on 19 January 2024 02:15 PM

Veteran Sculptors Meet in West Wales and Have Tea with Sister Angela

On 10 January ACD Veterans Welfare Officer, Neil Davies took Royal Marine Veteran Joe Wilson to visit Army veteran Harry Comley. Joe is a published Amateur Sculptor and was keen to meet Harry, an accomplished retired professional Sculptor and a former soldier. Joe was completely taken with the skill and quality of Harry’s work. The two photos show Harry at work in his workshop and also a sculpture Harry created for “Our Lady of the Taper “ church in Cardigan and the nearby Convent.

Harry and Neil also met Sister Angela and Father Pius Augustus and Harry was able to inspect the Sculptures and carvings he created for the church and last saw over 20 years ago. He was also able to tell Sister and Father about the back story behind these superb pieces. It was a wonderful day for Harry and he has been invited back to the Convent to Tea with Sister Angela.