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"Thinking of you" at Christmas

Published on 18 November 2020 10:37 AM

Thank you intu:mk for their community campaign

intu Milton Keynes' community campaign will send 100 festive packages to older people at Christmas

Our Development Manager Paula Ayers [above left] was delighted to help Shelley Peppard, general manager of intu Milton Keynes shopping centre, launch their "Thinking of You" community campaign at Midsummer Place on Tuesday 17th November.

“We know that many more people will be spending Christmas by themselves this year after such a challenging 2020,” said Shelley.  “The Thinking of You campaign will hand deliver a small treat, and most importantly, a letter for them to read. We need people of all ages to put pen to paper and write a letter that lets an older person know they’re being thought of.”

The letter can be handwritten and be of any length. The content can include anything, but suggestions include an introduction from the letter writer, who they are and information about themselves.  It can talk about the past twelve months, what the writer is looking forward to or even dreams for 2021.  The conversation can be as freely written as preferred and could include photographs, although this is not essential.  Please do not seal the envelope or card.

intu Milton Keynes has teamed up with Age UK Milton Keynes to help identify the individuals in particular need this year and will help to deliver the festive packages safely.

Paula says “It will make a huge difference to older people suffering the mental health effects of isolation and living alone.  Just knowing that somebody cares and has taken the time to write a letter, of whatever length, can brighten someone’s day.  We can never thank organisations such as intu Milton Keynes enough for helping us to support older people in Milton Keynes.  We will be delighted to help distribute their gift packages and letters over the festive period.”

Later this month a member of the team at intu Milton Keynes will head to the supermarket, purchase the goods and bring them back to the centre for packaging up. Once complete, the letters will be inserted, sealed and left for over a week before being delivered. 

Every festive package will be full of treats and essentials purchased by intu Milton Keynes, along with a letter.  Shelley says "We need people of all ages to put pen to paper and write a letter that lets an older person know they’re being thought of this Christmas ."

If you would like to send a letter, please email it to or post to the following address by Monday 7th December 2020.

intu Milton Keynes
Thinking of You
Marketing Department
67 Midsummer Blvd
Central Milton Keynes