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We have a variety of resources to support professionals who work with people living with dementia and their families, friends and carers. From our own expert written blogs, and resources created to support your work after accessing our training sessions, to third party research and resources as well as Sheffield specific service information. Please use the headings below to access our available resources. If you're keen to stay in the loop and receive updates about new resources, please sign up to our newsletter by clicking here

Resources related to the topic of language and behaviour

The below suggested reading/resource links have been taken from our blog on this topic which you can access and download here.

Language Around Dementia Guide:
A guide from the Alzheimer’s society. Click here to access the link

Language you should and shouldn’t use:
A guide from DEEP, which is an involvement and empowerment group made up of people living with dementia about what language you should and should not use when talking to or about somebody living with dementia. Click here to access the link

Impacts of negative language research:
A research article in The Lancet journal about how negative language can disable people living with dementia more than the disease itself. Click here to access the link.

101 Reasons:
Reasons which might help to explain the way people with dementia express their needs, commonly mislabelled as ‘challenging behaviour’. Click here to access the link.

Personal Insight and experience of the stigmatising impact of words:
Kate Swaffer lives with early onset dementia and blogs about her experiences. Here she talks about how our language can stigmatise and marginalise people living with dementia. Click here to access the link.