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Why might people be interested in the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance?

  • 67% of people with dementia do not always feel a part of their community
  • 44% of people with dementia feel they lost friends after being diagnosed
    (Dementia Report 2012)

Understanding of dementia and how people are affected remains poor and a stigma attached with a diagnosis often causes people to withdraw from society and become isolated. We want that to change, and we think everybody can help. We exist to help others, from businesses to public services, we can help support you to make small changes that will have a big impact on helping to improve the lives, wellbeing and inclusivity of people living with dementia and their carers.

No one should have to feel isolated on lonely, and living with dementia is definitely not an exception to this. We can all play a role in breaking down barriers; removing stigma and learning a little bit more about dementia, so that we can become dementia allies.

What does becoming a member mean?

Becoming a member of the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance, allows you to join our community of support and shared learning about becoming an ally and a provider of services or support that actively encourages and promotes accessibility for people living with dementia.

Our Alliance aims to ensure that Sheffield is a great place to live and visit for people living with dementia and their carers, which requires the collaboration and commitment of many. If you’d like to create a city which is accessible for and supportive of everyone living with dementia and their carers, then we would love for you to become a member of our alliance. This includes businesses and services such as shops, banks, solicitors, restaurants, transport providers and more.

What do we gain from becoming a member?
Your organisation will become part of a committed and supportive community of likeminded people in Sheffield, committed to making a difference for everyone affected by dementia.
Members will:

  • Be given a logo to display to show their commitment to becoming/being dementia inclusive (this logo can be added to your website, social media, letterheads, email signatures etc.)

  • Be invited to Sheffield DAA meetings periodically, and receive our regular email newsletter. Our newsletter will contain information about free upcoming training for your service or organisation e.g. dementia awareness raising sessions for your employees.

  • Be supported by SDAA to meet all of the goals you have chosen in your action plan
  • Have access to SDAA as a main point of contact should the organisation ever have any questions or require any support or guidance with dementia related questions for example, regarding your business or your accessibility.

    Things your organisation might do when becoming a member of the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance:

  • Book for your team/s of staff to access the free Dementia Friends Awareness Sessions (an Alzheimer’s society initiative) which SDAA will support you to book and organise.
  • Sign up to undertake an environmental dementia audit for buildings used by the public
  • Create quiet areas in your workplace for people living with dementia.

    These are all steps that the SDAA will support you to organise/complete.

    How do I sign up for my organisation to become a member?

    To join the SDAA you will need to complete a simple application form and then an action plan. The application form allows us to contact you and support you to complete your initial action plan. The action plan simply helps you plan what you would like to achieve through becoming a member of the SDAA. (note: all forms and relevant resources are linked at the bottom of this page).

    To help you complete these forms, we have an example action plan for you to view, which will help give you an idea of what other members have decided to work towards. Plus, we are on hand to offer you support and guidance with setting achievable targets.

    You can either get started straight away by downloading and completing the application form, once submitted we'll get back to you along with the action plan to complete...

        Or, you can contact us in the first instance using our "initial interest form" to discuss your organisation's potential membership. We'll then get in touch with you to discuss any questions, ideas or uncertainties you may have. Pick which ever option suits you best and we'll support you from there!

Complete your Action Plan

Once you have sent us your initial application, you need to download and complete this Action Plan. This is where you will write your organisation's pledges, then return this document to us.

See an Example Action Plan

Click to download an example Action plan of pledges