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The Age UK Somerset Christmas Carol Service

We hope you can join us at this year's special Christmas Carol Service on Wednesday 13th December, 11am, at the magnificent Wells Cathedral!  It's a free, unticketed event and everyone is welcome!

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Fame at last! Watch BBC Somerset's wonderful film of our Early Night Club!

Supporting older people in Somerset and North Somerset

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Age UK Somerset is an independent local charity with the goal of enabling all older people in our area to live later life to the full. Whether you’re on a quest to live well into old age, going through tough times or struggling with the cost of living, get in touch. We're only a phone call away and we are here to help.

Our Services

Our Services

Our Wellbeing Service is about ensuring that older people have the opportunity to lead the very best life they can.

Because growing older is a different experience for everyone, the Wellbeing Service offers a range of different elements - such as Walk and Talk, Wellbeing Friends, Friendly Phone Calls and Chat and Map - to help individuals feel less lonely, always listened to and given the tailored support they need to improve their quality of life.

The free elements that make up Age UK Somerset's Wellbeing service

  • Chat and Map

    This free programme offers a holistic approach to solving the issues that may be affecting the quality of life of an older person.  An appointment starts with a chat to help map what daily life is like for individuals and ends with solutions to make daily life better.

    Learn more about Chat and Map 

  • Walk and Talk

    Our free Walk and Talk programme is for older people who would like the company of a friendly volunteer to talk to during short walk each week, while enjoying the benefits that getting outdoors and being more active can bring.

    Learn more about Walk and Talk 

  • Friendly Phone Calls

    Our Friendly Phone Calls service is for anyone aged over 60 in Somerset and North Somerset who may sometimes feel lonely, isolated, or a bit low and would appreciate having a telephone chat with a friendly volunteer every week.

    Learn more about Friendly Phone Calls 

  • Wellbeing Friends

    Our free Wellbeing Friends programme is available for older people in Somerset and North Somerset who feel isolated or lonely but for whom our Walk and Talk programme is not the right solution. It matches a client with a volunteer who will visit each week for a friendly chat.

    Learn more about Wellbeing Friends 

Our other services

  • Information & Advice

    We provide a free information and advice service for older people, their families and carers. 

    We can help with lots of issues. Whatever your question call or email us and we'll try to help.

    Find out more 

  • Ageing Well exercise groups

    Promoting physical activity for mental and physical health and wellbeing, our Ageing Well service usually runs more than 150 exercise classes each week.  Some of our community classes have restarted, and we also continue to offer some online sessions for those who wish to stay fit at home.

    Find out more 

  • Dementia Services

    We offer support for people living with dementia in Somerset and North Somerset, their families and carers. We run weekly 'Memory Connections' (MCST) groups and we also provide Dementia Awareness Workshops.

    Find out more 

  • Help with Benefits

    We provide a free welfare benefits service for over 60s in Somerset and North Somerset. If you receive a state pension, we can check to see which benefits you may be entitled to and then assist with forms that need completing.

    Find out more 

  • Falls Prevention

    The effects of a fall on an older person can be devastating both physically and psychologically. Our Falls Prevention team works to help prevent falls.

    Find out more 

  • Scams Advice

    Working in North Somerset, Age UK Somerset has an Anti-Scams Officer jointly funded by North Somerset Council (Trading Standards).

    They are able to give advice by email and telephone on avoiding scams, or what to do if you have been affected by a scam.

    Find out more 

  • Toenail Cutting Service

    We offer clients over 55 a simple toenail cutting service provided by trained staff in a clinic environment.

    This service is available in Somerset but not North Somerset.

    Find out more 


Our Guide to Later Life in Somerset and North Somerset


Later Life Guide image


We are delighted to introduce our second Guide to Later Life in Somerset and North Somerset, packed full of useful information to help you navigate later life.

You can view it online or download it


View the Guide to Later Life online

Download the Guide to Later Life (pdf)


Would you like to receive information from us in a different format?

If you need any information that we provide (factsheets, posters, leaflets, etc), in a different format, please contact us:


Telephone: 01823 345610

Post: Age UK Somerset, Ash House, Cook Way, Taunton, Somerset TA2 6BJ

As part of providing documents in another way, we will need to send you messages or documents.   Please let us know how you want us to send messages and documents to you and which format you would prefer, for example large print or audio recording.



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Our quality marks

Age UK Somerset has achieved the Age UK Charity Quality Standard (CQS).  The CQS is externally assessed by quality assessment experts, SGS.