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Let's Move together and improve together!

Many of our community-based exercise classes have restarted and we are looking forward to welcoming you back!

Many of our community-based classes have now restarted with more coming soon. Classes will be phased in over a number of weeks, so we can oversee and manage them safely and effectively. 

A couple of our classes already have a waiting list. When you contact us to book your place, you will be advised if this is the case.

If this is the case, perhaps you could try one of our online classes in the meantime?   Click here to see our online sessions.


Let’s move together and improve together!

By necessity, we have made a lot of changes to the way we run our classes. The safety and wellbeing of you all is our priority.

How to book an exercise class

We have introduced a new booking system and PRE-BOOKING IS MANDATORY. 
It will no longer be possible to turn up on the day and join in. (You will not be asked to pay when you book).

To make social distancing possible, we have also reduced the number of people who can attend each class, so book early.

The dedicated booking line number is 01823 345624 or you can email

To book a class, you will need to fill in an application form, which can be done online here. If you are unable to do this, we are happy to send you a form in the post.

View application form


Which classes are running?

Classes will be re-introduced slowly over a number of weeks.

To find out which ones are running near you, please see the Timetable here

View the list of our in-person exercise sessions


The classes are listed first in District area order, and then in alphabetical order by town.  You will note that the classes all have different dates when they will restart.

This timetable will be updated regularly, as the start dates of more classes are confirmed.

Each venue will to be fully assessed and safety procedures put in place prior to starting – your safety and wellbeing is essential.


Find out which exercise groups are running near you on our map

Covid Safety

We want to keep you safe.

Cleaning, Hand Hygiene and Ventilation 

We will be continuing to have increased hand hygiene (e.g. frequent washing of hands and freely available hand sanitizer), cleaning (notably wiping touch points), and ventilation (before the class, and possible during the class) at all of our venues.

Vaccination and Testing Policy 

We will continue to encourage our participants to have the vaccination and any boosters they are offered, if able to do so.  

Social Distancing, PPE and Face Coverings 

In line with the government’s advice, we recommend the use of face coverings in enclosed spaces and where people feel more comfortable wearing one, but you are not obliged to do so.

We will continue to monitor class numbers, maintaining a reasonable distance from others during your class.

Online exercise sessions

A variety of online sessions will continue to run for those who would prefer to stay at home for the time being.

View our online exercise sessions

Adding years to life, adding life to years  

Ageing Well is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of older people.

We usually run a wide range of exercise sessions in Somerset and North Somerset - general fitness, strength and balance, chair-based classes, yoga and Tai Chi although many are currently paused. There is usually something to suit everyone.

Call 01823 345626 for more information.


Why exercise is good for you

Physical activity helps you stay healthy, active and independent as you get older and it’s not all about high impact exercise - it’s about finding something that’s right for you. For many people, it can be difficult to get started but it doesn’t matter how mobile you are, doing something to improve your fitness and mobility is a positive thing. And being fitter can also make you feel more confident, improve your self-esteem and generate a real sense of well-being.

Follow us on all the socials:

Facebook –  @AgeWellSomerset

Twitter - @AgeWellSomerset

Insta- coming soon!


What type of classes are usually available?

Information about the different types of classes can be found by clicking on the links below.  (As we reintroduce classes these may not all immediately be available.)

Stay Strong Stay Steady - Click to learn more

Flexercise - Click to learn more

Tai Chi and Yoga - Click to learn more

General Fitness classes - Click to learn more




Our classes cost between £2 and £5 each and you only pay for the classes you attend.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact the Ageing Well team.

Phone:  01823 345626