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Updated information on the coronavirus from Age UK Somerset on dedicated website


From 23rd March 2020 all of our exercise sessions and Toenail cutting clinics are on hold for the time being.  The safety of our clients, volunteers and staff are of paramount importance to us at this trying time.

Please be aware that the information on this webpage may be out of date

Please be aware that some of the content you see on this webpage may be out of date and refer to services and information that was relevant before the Coronavirus outbreak. 

For up to date information on the services we offer, where you can get help, how to stay healthy, volunteering and more please visit:


Try our toenail cutting service to help you to stay comfortable on your feet

The mention of this service often raises a smile, but it is a serious response to a serious problem.  Toenails don't stop growing and can cause difficulties if they are not regularly cut. 

This service is available across Somerset (it is not currently available in North Somerset).

You may be interested in this service if you are aged 60 or over and:

  • are unable to hold clippers
  • are unable to bend down
  • are unable to reach your feet
  • have little strength in your hands 

What does the service offer?

Over 900 clients currently benefit from our Toenail Cutting service in Somerset.

Age UK Somerset can offer clients a simple toenail cutting service provided by trained staff in a clinic environment.  We can't provide any other kind of podiatry or chiropody service and we can not help with corns, bunions, hard skin, etc. 

We can cut your toenails four times a year, that is every thirteen weeks. 

There is a charge of £13 per appointment and appointments last approximately 20-25 minutes.

Toenails don't stop growing and they can cause difficulties (not to mention holes in socks!) if they are not regularly cut.  Long toenails have contributed to falls and unfortunately, hospitalisation.  The service works in association with Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to prevent these problems and to keep our valuable older members of society comfortable, mobile and independent.

To access this service you will need to ask your GP to refer you to the NHS Podiatry Service for an assessment to ensure that our service will be suitable for you. 

We are unable to cut the toenails of anybody who uses certain medications, such as warfarin, some other anti-coagulants, and some oral steroids.

To find out more about the Toenail Cutting Service please call 01823 345610 or email

We have a Vacancy for a Toenail Cutting Assistant for the Yeovil area

Do you have an interest in Health & Social Care and can work for around 4/6 hours on a Monday? Our Toenail Cutting service works in conjunction with the Somerset Podiatry Service, helping older people who are no longer able to hold toenail clippers or bend down to reach their feet.

Leaflet about our Toenail Cutting service

View our Toenail Cutting Service leaflet, which explains where it is offered and the steps to join.

View the leaflet

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